22 How do I evaluate the difficulty of professional courses? Pay attention to avoid these traps! _ Hubei Xinwen Taoist Postgraduate

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Some people have some people say that "this year's postgraduate has increased, more competitive, and more difficult."

At the same time, another part of the people say "This year's official decline, the difficulty is reduced, the upper success rate is higher", etc.

But in fact, in addition to paying attention to the overall applications, we need to pay attention to the same institutions and professional classmates who compete together with you, that is, the situation of the same professional class!

22 How do I evaluate the difficulty of professional courses? Pay attention to avoid these traps! _ Hubei Xinwen Taoist Postgraduate

Some students and sisters said that professional courses are really hard!

The difficulty of professional courses should start from their own situation. The school sister is not good, but today I can share a dimension of the difficulty of assessing professional courses. Everyone pays attention to avoiding traps!


The postgraduate has a threshold, but the threshold is reflected in many ways. The test does not test mathematics, the professional nature is strong, whether it is purely reciting, the college and the professional are famous, and it is necessary to consider.

In recent years, the number of people have been explosive, such as fauna, education, Chinese language and literature, which is a large cause of the math. These professional applicants are very much, and the upper is difficult. So, if you are not a math, it is really not saved, it is recommended not to give up. If mathematics can keep up, you can expect that it is the extent to you, but it may be the end of your life for your competitors, so don't give up math. If the classmates of World War II have tested mathematics, don't attack other majors that don't take mathematics.


Many of the undergraduate people are highly difficult, such as machinery, computer, construction, management, accounting, finance, etc., as long as it is undergraduate college, these majors are bound, directly leading to many of these majors, the basic disk is very large Then, the number of these professional applicants is naturally, if you want to apply for these professional top schools, then you must be cautious, it is recommended not to rash.

If the number of undergraduates is not a lot, agronomics, philosophy, etc., you can choose 211,985 to rush, it is an opportunity.


Some majors have special, such as ethnic minority backbone plans, the number of enrollment is very small, may only take one person, some professional excessive segmentation, such as national defense economics in economics, the number of enrollment is very uncontrollable, Try to avoid it.


There are a lot of students crossing the exam, but everyone's difficulty is not the same. The cross-examination first looks in cross-level disciplines. If cross-level disciplines, the difficulty is relatively difficult. If cross-profession in the first-level discipline is relatively large.

Said so much, the school sister didn't want everyone to apply for the majority of the cold door, but hope that in the hot postgraduate environment, everyone can still maintain a calm mind, rational choice, after all, our goal is only one, that is Ashore!

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