Battery study institution: Where is the limited of fast charging?

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Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?什么是快速充电?

"725" "725" "725" "725" To Supplement The Enrgy, The Charging IS Fast, And The Charging Rate Is Needed.

Charging magnification = charging current ÷ BATSY RATED CAPACITY

0. 2c = 570mA ÷ 2850mAh

5 Hours Filled with 2850mAh, Current IS 570 MA (0. 57A), Charged Magnification 0. 2c.


1c = 2850mA ÷ 2850mAh

1 Hour Filled with 2850 MAH, Current IS 2850 MA (2. 85A), Charged Magnification 1C.


5C = 14250mA ÷ 2850mAh

0. 2 Hours Filled with 2850 MAH, Current IS 14250 MA (14. 25A), AND The Charging Magnification IS 5C.

"725" "725" "725" 725 "in General, The Fast Charge is More Than 1C Charging Magnification, But The Industry Does Not Have Astandard, 1C is Only a probly recognized magnification.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Some readers may also encounter problems with a smart terminal device charging rate too low. It may bethat the battery is overheating or too cold. It may be because the battery is aging, or the charger, thecharging line performance is poor, and finally Causes Charging Speed The Scene Is Fast Than Speed ofElectricity. AS Shown in The Following Picture My Sony MP3 Old Machine, Plug-in Listening Song Will EncounterLow Power.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" Nowadays, "charging only 10 minutes" propaganda in the electric vehicle field is much higher than thecharging magnification of 6C. After all, two paragraphs will be reduced, and the integrated chargingmagnification will be Lower Than Peak.

"725" "725" "725" "725" High Than 6c? The Rate of DC Charging Piles Above 6c Is More Expensive Than Your Car . . .



"725" "725" "725" "725" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" If we refine it, you can divide the "Ultra-low SOC full of SOC" charging processes into the process ofthe following A to G, which can be represented by the light purple current curve below, where B and C processesThat is, THE CC FAST Charge, D and E Processes Are CV in The Figure:

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

A, trickle charging: Due to battery over-discharge, the internal material is very fragile, you need to performrecovery charging, and urge the internal active substances to get up work Therefore, the long-term loss of oldmobile phones, just Plugging electricity. IS unable to boot, Wait a Five minutes to try again.


C, Large Current Constant Current Fast Charging: The Main Stage of Fast Charging, The Same CC, The Large Currentis Around 80%.

D, Large Current Constant Voltage Fast Charging: Constant Voltage, IE CV. After arriving at the full full voltage, Thefixed Voltage is started, and the current is limited.

E, Small Current Constant Pressure: The Charging Current Is Further Reduced, The Same CV, UnTil The SoC isfull.

f, trickle charging: SOC first reports (display full electricity), in fact, it can also slowly charge it, thisprocess SOC is maintained at 100% unchanged, which is also the "most durable 1% of the" most durable "If. themobile phone has been plugging (such as sleeping on the night), the battery will also make pulse charging, charge a few days of stop for dozens of seconds, maintaining mobile phone power at 100%, mobile phone storemachine machine is like THIS.

G, Full: IT IS Completely Charged.



A Grid Load

"725" "725" "725" "725" .

"725" "725" "725" "725" According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, China's 2020 is as high as 7. 4 trillion kW,an increase of 2. 7% year-on-year, and the world will be held in 10 consecutive years. According to the data ofthe International Atomic Energy Agency, China's 71 Nuclear Reactors, China Account for 26. The World NuclearEnergy Association Said China is Still Planning or Placing An Additional 180 Nuclear Reactors.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Like India's absenteeism, the population is inconsistent with China, and the power generation is only 1/5of China. It is extremely common, and the new crown epidemic crematorium electric furnace is also written bynetizens because the new crown epidemic is also written by netizens. . in 2001, the Indian power failure of 2. 3million people was involved in India, and the 200 million power-on power outage involved in 700 million peoplewere the largest two hundred millions of people-level power outages after the industrial revolution.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" In contrast, as the world's largest industrial country, China's power generation is unable to shake, thethermal ratio has been reduced to 70% (and in constant reduction), the grid is extremely robust, and the road ispaved with automotive electricization. This Is Also Very Good To Explain That The Tesla, The Incident of TheNanchang Power Grid, Jiangxi, And Does Not Consider How The Chinese Grid Giants Have The Hard Work As The BackBook.

"725" "725" "725" "725" According to the China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promoting the Alliance Data, as ofDecember 2020, the total number of charging infrastructure in the country is 1681,000. According to the Ministryof Public Security, as of the end of 2020, the national new energy vehicle has reached 4. 92 million, so China's"car ratio" is about 3: 1. However, because the power of the charging pile of the previous construction isrelatively low, the new fast charge pile will put higher demand for power grid load capabilities And Do NotExclude Some of The Electric Power of More Than A Home User of the entire Community.

"725" "725" "725" "725" The electric car fast charge is indeed a very high demand, and the author has tried to consult thecommunity property how to add a 7kW charging pile to my own parking space. The conclusion given by the propertyis "unwillingness". Although 7kw is only Equivalent to Two Air Conditioners, The Grid Capacity of Each Cell IsVery Limited. If IT IS Open To 10-House Electric Car Users, IT CAN Barely Support, But IT IT Increases To 30Households, The Community Will Trip.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Buy a coil unit with various distribution equipment money, from you? Think more, do you have any userswho have installed the money after the user will pay for the users after the first installed users? This is aproblem that is temporarily unprofable.

B Charging Pile Power

"725" "725" "725" "725" AT Present, The National Network Is Basical A 120KW Fast-Charged Pile in Major Fast Charge. The ActualCharging Power Can Be Kept More Than 60kw, And A Two Shots Will Be Taken To A Large Part of The Power.

"725" "725" "725" "725" In 2016, Masque was blowing them to 350kW Supercharger V3, but later gave up, the technology and costswere not allowed, but the situation where the landing was now able to do 250kW, the peak is 15 minutes to add250km battery life. Very Good, Tesla Will Reposition The 350kw target to supercharger v4.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Porsche Taycan 800V system can do 15 minutes from 0% to 80% during the experimental stage. The problem isthat the charge power of up to 350kW is not able to bear it. In the end, there is no way to achieve such aterrible Charging magnification.

"725" "725" "725" "725" The Electrify America of the Volkswagen has built the first 350KW fast charge station in California in2018. The power of a single DC charging pile is up to 350kW, and the fastest can add 320km battery life within10 minutes, which 1 minute 32km is. However, this fast-bonding station is not fully spread, because the standardvoltage they set is 800V, and the voltage of electric cars on the market is 400V, so some foreign mediainterpretation Electrory America This is to address the diesel door incident Environmental initiatives Made withNegative Emotions of the masses . . .

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" Switzerland ABB also released 350KW DC super fast charge in 2019, claiming to supplement 200km batterylife within 8 minutes, and can be compatible with 400V and 800V two-set voltage system, but also widetemperature between -35 ° C to 50 ° C Working In The Range. However, Because The the no abb to provide thissuper- god system for the Time Being, We can't verify That the actual charging effect ooes to the ppt.

"725" "725" "725" "725" . ,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" At the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People Forum (2021), the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ouyang Ming ismentioned in the speech. "If someone says it can run one thousand kilometers, you can charge electricity for afew minutes, but also special security Don 'T Believe It, Because It Is Impossible. "Later, Guangqi New EnergyClarified, 8 minutes and 1000km is the technology of two0km is the technology of two . . .

"725" "725" "725" "725" In fact, the problem is not big, as long as 8 minutes can really charge 80% of electricity, batterycapacity does not need to support 1000km, otherwise it is extremely wasteful to resources. What we are nowlooking forward to is that GAC's new Energy Can Fulfill This Fast-Charge Technology Faster

C Battery Formula

"725" "725" "725" "725" The positive electrode material on the charging speed of lithium ion battery is very large, such as theelectrical conductivity of Lithium iron phosphate formulation is not as good as NCM ternary lithium formulation. Of course, if the surface of the LFP positive surface is covered with NM Material or Introduce A New ConductiveAgent, The Charging Ratio Can Be Improved To Some Extent.

"725" "725" "725" "725" The negative electrode material is the main direction of the charging magnification breakthrough. Forexample, the Ningde Times declared a new phosphate battery technology in 2019, which uses "fast ion ring"technology to make the graphite structure in the surface of the negative graphite. The characteristics of thehigh-energy density, the graphite layer increases the super fast charge capability of 4C-5C after the lithiumion embedding speed, which is equivalent to completing the main charging process for 15 minutes.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Another solution to the improved negative electrode is to use a graphene structure. In the first twoyears, the graphene concept is fried than the green water, and all kinds of true and false news are filled. Infact, graphene does not increase the battery .

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" But is graphene really a thorough scam? Not all. Compared to the use of the lithium ion battery, grapheneis more likely to use in the supercapacitor, which is the metamorphosis charge and discharge efficiency allowsthe charge and discharge speed to be greatly improved. The Problem Is That The Energy Density of theSupercapacitor Is Only About 1/10 of the Lithium-Ion Battery, So it is only a very short battery life. .

"725" "725" "725" "725" Just mentioned that GAC's new energy has recently developed a super fast charging battery added to thegraphene formula. If it is really possible to use it, it is indeed a big breakthrough, because the industry hasalways believed that the graphene additive is extremely difficult Invest In Mass Production.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" From the electrolyte, it can also increase the fast compaction because the electrolyte involves themigration speed of lithium ions, so it can be tried to develop a highly fluid electrolyte salt, or how togenerate a SEI film having a lower interface impedance.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Further, since the first charging is first charged, the electrode material and the electrolyte have acomplex reaction on the solid-liquid phase interface, forming a passivation layer (SEI film) covering thesurface of the electrode material and consumes a batch of active lithium ions. Therefore, some batteries are now"pre-lithiated" to the positive electrode material, and the lithium ions consumed by the SEI film first, therebyincreasing the total capacity and energy density of the battery, or avoiding the charging speed caused bylithium Ion deletion. Slow Problem.

"725" "725" "725" "725" In addition to the positive electrode, the negative electrode, the electrolyte and lithium ions, we canalso charge the production process to increase the charging rate, such as more uniform slurry can cause moreuniform conductive between the active substance, the active material and the .

"725" "725" "725" "725" So everyone blows a special solid state battery? Harm, in fact, this electrolyte is born with super fastcharge, because the interface contactability of solid electrolytes (solid-solids), low electrical conductivity,high-magnification large current, is stretched, it Is More Difficult To Achieve Rapid Charging, Power Density IsAlso Limited.

D Electronic Control

"725" "725" "725" "725" High-power DC charging piles use AC-DC and DC-DC to convert the three-phase alternating current given bythe grid into a direct current of approximately 400V-800V, charging piles need to pass data transmissionchannels (high pressure control box, vehicle controller, data Collection terminal, etc. ) communicate with thevehicle electronics, and the current charging magnification is determined by the vehicle BMS by the currentbattery temperature, SOC and other states. If the battery is undergoing a high-rate ratio that does Not Meet TheOriginal Intention, IT Will Reduce The Loop Life, And The Heat Is Out of Control and Cause SpontaneousCombustions.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" As the SOC is getting higher and higher, the lower the charging magnification that can withstand insidethe battery, so the SOC reaches 80% to begin to decrease the charging magnification to avoid damage to theinternal structure of the battery.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" In addition to communication between piles and cars, charging piles also need to form a data channel foronline payment, because charging services are basically impossible to pay with banknotes, and this payment datachannel also guarantees high-level security, And minimize the possibility of Payment of the payment thresholdand the drop-down bad debt.

E battery heat DISSIPATION

"725" "725" "725" "725" Every life will have the ability to eat quickly by default, but the tolerance is completely different. Some people will have gastrointestinal problems. In the same way, the battery has a quick recharge ability, butthe tolerance is completely different. If a battery that is not a fast-filled battery, if it accepts thecharging of excessive current, it will cause the Joule thermal effect to increase sharply, the inside of thebattery The reaction is severe, the electrolyte is decomposed to the oxygen, the structure collapsed, And TheSwelling Bag Spontaneously.

"725" "725" "725" "725" If You Want The Battery to Resist Fast Charging, You Must Have A Lower Resistance R, So That The JouleHot Q Can Be Reduced.

"725" "725" "725" "725" We recall a high school analog law formula: q = i2rt

"725" "725" "725" "725" .

"725" "725" "725" "725" If the resistor R is reduced, it is directly helpful to lower Q. Therefore, we need electrode materialswith higher conductivity, using more conductive agents, using a better electrolyte, which is better thanelectrolyte, and the like.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Time T Will NOT HAVE TO BE SAID, AND IT HAS A LOT OF Natural Heat.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Of Course, a Qualified Battery Temperature Control System Does Not Allow The Battery To Overheat, IT ISReally Overheating When Charging, IT May Include But not limited to The Following Three Reasons:

1. There Is a Problem with the Battery Temperature Control System

"725" "725" "725" "725" THERMALLY FAILED TO BE Scattered In Time, Just Like The Enthusiasm (Lithium Ion Li +) Account for aVariety of Positions, There Will Be Some Enthusiasm To Become A Dark Customer (Dead Lithium Li).

"725" "725" "725" "725" Now there are some users spend two or three thousand pieces to change the PHEV non-plug-in model to DCfast charge. From a larger power kinetic energy recovery mechanism, this way does not have much problem,actually charging The power is lower than the kinetic energy recovery power. The problem is that the originalintention of this battery is to give slowly, the current density is too easy to generate lithium dendrites, andthere may be problems with heat dissipation (who PHEV continuous downhill 1. 5 hours, the original Intention isnot this), Battery Pack Heat The Probability of Out-of Control Will Increase Accordingly. Once Spontaneous,There is no factory bottom, after all, you are privately modified.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

2, The final constant current charging stage is not controlled

"725" "725" "725" "725" The ideal lithium-ion charging process should be "trickle charging - constant current charging - constantvoltage charging - trickle charging - full", battery SOC is approximately 80% to 100% (full current) places inconstant voltage charging, The speed is slower YOU CAN FILL YOUR Mobile Phone.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

3, Large Current Causes Polarization

"725" "725" "725" "725" When the large current is fast, the negative electrode is squeezed with too much lithium ions, causingthe concentration polarization of the electrodes, local overheating, electrode material being destroyed, deriveda pile of dead lithium Li.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

F Battery Temperature

"725" "725" "725" "725" The battery is very delicate, can not stand too hot, and it is absolutely not too cold. Using the fastcharge in low temperature, the battery is used to damage the battery, the lower the temperature, the lower thecharging magnification of the Battery, And The Most Criminalized Mainstream Formulation Under Low Temperature IsLithium Iron Phosphate Lithium Iron.

"725" "725" "725" "725" So the problem is coming, what is wrong with the temperature? The large current under low temperature ischarged, that is, when the negative electrode has not reacted, it will enter the massive active lithium. Theinternal active substance is very lazy when the Battery is low, and the active lithium is crowded.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Therefore, in the first phase of the trickle charging of the temperature (battery heating has notstarted), it is very dangerous, and the new energy vehicle that is extremely bad in the northern winter fastcharge is risky. In addition, the low temperature of the constant current and constant pressure stages is also aserious problem, so some high-end new energy vehicles have a warm control system to warm up the battery, andthen carry out a large current fast charge, lest crystal A lot of growing.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Insufficient Battery Temperature in Low Temperature ENVIRONMENT, THERE SEVERAL SOLUTIONS IN THE CURRENTINDUSTRY:


2, The Internal Heating of The Battery: As Shown Below, This Structure IS Unpredictable, Heating Inside Thebattery, But Only for Large Power Batteries.

3, Battery Cell Charges, The Amount of Heat, The Amount of Heat, And The Natural Phenomenon, and The PreviousBattery Technology Articles Have Spent Many Times.

4, plug-in internal combustion engine heating: plug-in small internal combustion engine martial arts, although itsounds teasing (hook an internal combustion engine's pure tram), but can not carry a car or real endurancecapacity to 30% under extreme Low Temperature when Thank this Plug-in . . .

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

G Battery Loss

"725" "725" "725" "725" "Quickly Hurt Battery" is not a lie of a Wild Chicken, Which Does exist, but the level of harm is soexaggerated. In the Same Way, The Gas and Diesel Car Has A Running-in Phase But Not The Milling Period Cannot BeHigh-speted, and the new car can buy it directly. You don't need any film.

"725" "725" "725" "725" If you don't consider the battery life, how to speed up the charging speedion is what you will notconsider the power battery life?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "IT's Okay, It's A Big Way to Change A Car Next Month. " There is selfh a free spending will, why don'tyou buy.

"725" "725" "725" "725" The fast charge will degrade Courombic Efficiency, which is the discharge efficiency. For the positiveelectrode, the discharge capacity / charging capacity (the lithium capacity / deod lithium capacity) is reduced. Some batteries will be higher than 100% when the battery is first Discharged, But As the Formation of the SeiFilm Will Be Reduced Below 100%, and The ProPortion Is Slowly Reduced As The Cycle Increases, and The ActivityIs getting Weaker.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Because the fast charge will make the active lithium ions that are not in place into the negativeelectrode into dead lithium, with the decrease in activated lithium ions, Kurlen efficiency will graduallydecrease, and the discharge efficiency is not as good as the new battery, Which is: Charging, Less Storage,Electricity, Discharge Power Reduce.

H insulation requests

"725" "725" "725" "725" At present, most electric car modifications are not "car modification". It should belong to the "carmakeup" of the most LOW. If the electrical line does not affect the electric line, it is not much more affected,but the wind reactor Is More, The Battery Is Lower, And There is Basically Pollution.

"725" "725" "725" "725" The most troublesome earthwork modification is the PHEV plug-in hybrid model "slow charge fast charge",which is the principle of grassroots modification method to use the cabin electrical controller interface accesskinetic energy recovery system, with the only high power kinetic energy of the Whole Car. The Recycle Line ISFast-Charged, Up To 30 KW Charging Power.

"725" "725" "725" "725" Regardless of whether the power battery has fast charge ability, it has high magnification charge anddischarge, but the damaged situation is not clear, itself has fast chargeable batteries more quickly, itself, nofast charge The battery can only be "gone", and The forego has beg.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?https://www. geeknev. com/news/291/2918599. html

"725" "725" "725" "725" The problem is that because of the private modified high pressure device, these full "personalizedcustom" services only need 3,000 private scientists have not given the supporting insulation upgrade service, sothe process of plugging DC fast charge plug is very dangerous. Do not Talk about rainy days or back tochina.

"725" "725" "725" "725" For pure electric vehicles, if the electric vehicle of the 400V voltage platform wants to increase thecharging limit, it can boost to the 800V voltage platform by replacing the heat dissipation system, capacitance,IGBT, and lift insulation levels, but these steps are personal And Fast Repair Shops. Unable to Execute,Manufacturers Will Not DEAL with SUCH AN UPGRADE Program.

"725" "725" "725" "725" After upgrading to 800V, the insulation requirements also have a high boat, so when you intend to raise acharging cable of the Porsche 800V fast-charged pile, you will find that the male owner has strength to tamethis rubber black Dragon . . .

I Cost

"725" "725" "725" "725" If you don't talk about the cost of fast charge, it is simply a raogue.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" A Medium-Sized Fast Charging Station (10 Piles), Approximately 2 Million Land Acquisition Costs, About 4Million Infrastructure COSTS, Approximately 1 Million Supporting Facilities Cost, Add Up to 7 Million Yuan.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" The construction cost of 60KW DC fast charge is around 70,000 yuan, the construction cost of 120KW DCfast charge is around 130,000 yuan, if you want to invest 250KW or even 350KW charging piles, then "pile is moreexpensive" is also possible.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" At present, the DC fast compartment is very good, and the 350kW DC fast charge is up to 3. 5C (assuminglarge capacity high voltage battery pack is 100KWH), which is that most manufacturers and consumers can notwithstand their costs. Of.



A Wire Charging

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" BECASE OF THE HIGH Effic Charge IS inevitably the mainstream Way to Charge The Electric Vehicle, and DCFast Charge Is The Implementation Form of Lifting Charging Magnification.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Private piles can not afford to get high power DC fast charge, and the current highest power private pileof commercially sold is the 20KW household charging pile (DC) released, although 2/3 slow charging time can beshortened. However, it is necessary to use 380V three-phase electricity, and the installation price is as highas 1. 68 million, and there is no way to provide such a high load. Considering that there are many houses in themain group, this 20KW fast charge is still very developed .

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Public piles are operating nature, which can serve massive new energy vehicles users, so cost-sensitiveis not so high. The mainstream power currently under construction is 120KW, and the industry is in 250kW, andthe next step is 350kW and 500kW.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" 500kW is a very large power value, that is, a Porsche 911 GT2 RS is extremely worth the full poweroutput. How big is the impact on the power grid load, and the heat is more terrible. It is slightly to predictit.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" In addition, the wire is also very important. We usually buy a mobile phone soon, if you match theold-fashioned charging line, such as only 2A current, then the power is 5V × 2A = 10W, and now the mobile phonecharger At Least One 22w Can Barely Call Fast Charge. With The Voltage, Current, Power Is Getting Higher andHigher, The Wire Will Become More And More, Maybe Adult Men CAN't Raise.

B Wireless Charging

After the Automatic Driving Technology IS Mature, Wireless Charging Will Be Out of The Ranks of Chicken Ribs Andgradually Become A Reality.

电池研究院:让人又爱又恨的磷酸铁锂https://www. pcauto. com. cn/tech/2464/24641651. html

The Current Mainstream New Energy Car Wireless Charging Method Has The Following Types:

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" From the table, it is known that the transmission power of wireless charging is very low, so the currenthighest power wireless charging equipment can only be suggested to charge the PHEV plug-in hybrid model.


"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" In the new energy vehicle area, the current wireless charging standard is complicated, we will give twogiants examples: one is the Tir J2954 released by the American Automotive Engineer SAE SAE, alleged that theenergy transfer efficiency can be up to 85% (current Technical Conditions Is The Air Building, With Four PowerLevels, 3. 7kW (WPT1), 7. 7 kW (WPT2), 11KW (WPT3), 22KW (WPT4). It is currently playing wPT1 and WPT2.


"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" The other is China Electric Power Science Research Institute (CEPRI), China Automotive Technology andResearch Center (CATARC), China Electric Power Enterprise Federation (CEC) and the results mentioned inWitricity Company, China National Standard GB / T 38775 "Electric Motors Wireless CHARGING SYSTEM.


"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" The Top 4 Power of The National Standard, And The Charging Power of the National Standard, And TheCharging Power of With WHERE The Charging Power of WPT7 is Greater Than 66kw, and the fast charge is calculatedfor wire "725"

C Super Capacitor

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Just mentioned graphene elements and super capacitors, if you do not consider the storage capacity ofsingle charging, the supercapacitor can indeed make very magical fast charge, and the true · super fast chargecalculated in seconds.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" However, Such A Small Storage Capacity Is Only To Run A Short Road, Be a Park Connection Bus, StationStation Stop, Station Station, And It is Possible.

D Shift Station

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Although It Has Been Caused by The Industry (Like the Money of There), IT Has To Be Recognized That ThePower Transmission is The Current Fastest Electric Vehicle To Acquire Electrical Energy.

E HYDROGEN Fuel Cell Solution

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" The Fuel Cell Regimen Represented by Hydrogen Fuel Is Another Solution To Solve The Charging SpeedProblem.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" As shown in the figure below, hydrogen is stored in the hydrogen storage tank, and the fuel cell stack isresponsible for converting hydrogen to electrical energy, and electrical energy can enter a small storagebattery or directly drive motor.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" The advantage of this set of schemes is that hydrogen is only about 5 minutes, which is relatively closeto the current gas and diesel cargo fuel market. It is difficult to get enough to build a cost of the hydrogenstation to 1500 million, and is Currently Only Suitable for the Commercial Transport Route ofPoint-to-Point.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" In addition, the hydrogen fuel battery cars can not be promoted, and the political reasons accounts forthe dominance. Jun can see that Japan has nothing to do in the international, basically all plasticrelationships. Japan wants to promote MD machines, China immediately let MP3 player industrialization; Japanwants a whole plasma TV, China's United States immediately links the LCD industry chain; Japan wants to develophydrogen fuel cell cars along with South Korea, China United States Directly pure electric . . .

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" So The Most Powerful In The Trick, IT IS Not Really Like Everyone's Eyes. It is a national intend indriving.

F Liquid Flow Battery Solution

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" The Liquid Flow Battery Solution Is Actually A Similar Fuel Cell Solution, Which is Only TOO LOW.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" The Nanoflowcell brand has released several liquid flow battery vehicles, which can be seen using the topview of Quant E. The electrolytic liquid cylinder of the positive and negative each 200L is distributed in therear chassis in the vehicle body (quant E is left and Right 250L), AND The Electrolyte Flows Into The Fuel Cell. Generate Electrical Energy, THROUGH a Supercapacitor, Eventually Transmitted to Four-Wheel Motor.


"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" QUANT E takes a total of 250L × 2 = 500L waste liquid to the electrolyte supplement station, the firstthing is to remove the waste liquid to be reined back to the factory back, the second thing is to load freshelectrolyte. The problem is coming , How High Is The EffiCiency of The Bilateral Infusion Mechanism At the SameTime?


"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" The author assumes that the single-sided infusion tube pore size is 5cm2 = 0. 0005m2, and the single-axisliquid tank 250L = 0. 25m3, then the liquid / mixture is to deliver 500 m long electrolyte. Estimated at 1 m / s,The Liquid WAS 8. 3 Minutes, And The Liquid WAS 8. 3 Minutes. Not IDEAL.

G Other: Power Storage Devices

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" In the power type storage device, the fast chargeability of the battery greatly enhances the utilizationefficiency of the power station energy, allowing the instantaneous response speed of the grid to speed uploss.



A Division of THE News

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Fast charge technology from laboratory to mass production, it takes a very long cycle, but manyself-media (unable to call news workers) In order to grab the headline hotspot, they always have some excitingfake news, with partiality The technique of laboratory Samples Say The Technique of Quantification ofProducts.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" According to the news above, 1 minute is filled with a car, what is the power charging device? 60Ccharging magnification, 30000KW charging power (assuming battery pack 50KWH), charging cable is afraid to use acrane to carry, the charging station is Charged to 10 Vehicles, IT Requires Xiaoyu Naval Marine Power SystemFull Power To Maintain . . . . . .

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Can Some Media People Have A Little Bit of Physical Knowledge Before The News?

B Safety Performance Difficulties

"725" "725" "725" "725" At present, about 60% of the new energy cars are fired by the fire. 30% is caused by charging accidents. Only 3. 6% is because of impact in the accident, so consumers are not as good as the accident. Chargingsafety.

"725" "725" "725" "725" The mechanism of thermal out-of control (the academic "is generally called" abuse ") can be divided intotwo major directions of physics and electrochemical, and these 30% of the charging accidents may be physical andelectrochemical.


"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Safety of power batteries in January 1, 2021 GB 38031-2020 "Electric vehicle power storage battery safetyrequirements", introduced a number of safety tests, which over-discharged, overcharge, external Short circuit,heating, temperature cycle, extrusion test, vibration , simulate collision, squeezing, wet heat cycle, water,high altitude, over temperature protection, salt fog, high altitude, over temperature protection,superconducting, External short circuit protection, overcharge protection over discharge protection test.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" In addition to impact or immersing such physical abuse, there are a variety of tests, including heating,temperature shock, thermal stability, and overcharge, and fast charge. As the charging voltage and current aregetting higher and higher (nonsense, P = ui Who escaped) The security impact of work. .

C Commercial Vehicle Dilemma

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" The commercial model has not lacks space to carry battery packs, so there is a huge amount of electriccore and huge power consumption, and it is a huge security risk. It is to know that any of the battery cellsinside the battery pack is thermal Out of control, and there is a lot of probability "fire".

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Charging commercial vehicles, require charging station / charging piles to provide high-level powersupply capacity, if it encounters thermal out of control during fast charge, the difficulty of extinguishingfire will also be a level.

D cross-domain

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Can Huawei XIAOMI MEIZU FAST CHARGE TECHNOLOGY Uses a Power Battery?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" That . . . Consumer and Car Rules Are Not The Same Concept, 120W fast charging and 120kw fast charging ofthe whole three Orders of Order . . .

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" How many success have been successful in the current cross-industry? The automotive industry can be thehead of the country's heavy industry, many technologies are not exported. You said that those foreign studentsdo not get involved in the automotive industry, can you Learn in a short time?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" So we will see a lot of industrial waste to make a lot of industrial waste to make the first batch ofconsumers when providing data, the first batch of people who have been running data. They will not belucky. .

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" For the car, please keep a fear, this is a very difficult to master and quickly "People's TransportArmy", do not forget that Ford has produced bombers, Cadillac is a tank production expert, the public and cruisemissiles are unclear connection.

E ENTHUSIASM of the Charging Pile Company

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" . - Haven.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Under the premise of the market, 5C or even higher charging magnification super fast charge, itsconstruction cost is extremely high, the return on investment is very long (although fast charge can improvecustomer flow rate), then who will be the first to eat CRAB LOSS Business?

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Fast charge only a relatively low consumer perceived cost, because the fast-charged pile is not its ownexclusive, and the battery life is determined by the car high-voltage battery pack, so consumers are morewilling to spend a lot of money to buy Long-Lived Electric Vehicles, And no So High Willing to Spend A BIG PriceTo Buy A Shorter Time Super Fast Charge, After Af, Some Fast Charge Is Just Schrödinger's Fast Charge . . .

F Phev fast charge

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" More and more Phev Plug-in Hybrid Models Begin To Equip DC Fast Chargers with Lower Charge Rates, this isa good thing. (The Picture Below is Phev Slowly Charge Fast Charge, Very Danger)

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" For Consumers, The Fast Charge Allows Phev To Use Electrical Drive, Less Fuel, Reduce Fuel Cost.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" For Car companies, Phev Fast Charge Features CAN IMPROVE SALES Potential.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" For charging pile companies, the previously installed low charge magnification DC charging pile will notbe abandoned, but continue to invest in the PHEV field, which also provides construction funds for higher powersuper charging piles.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" For The Country, Multi-Purpose Electricity CAN Further Enhance My Country's Energy Security.

G timeouts

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Super fast charge represents ultra-high infrastructure costs and relatively short charging time, so thetimeout cost is a very necessary scarce resource occupancy fee. If there is no fee, the user experience of thefast charge will be because of a certain Selfish selfishness becomes Very Bad.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Take the current timeout occupancy fee of Tesra as a case, if the current air parking space of thecharging station is less than or equal to 50%, the current user still takes up for more than 5 minutes aftercharging, Tesla will charge 3. 2 yuan PER minute. at the Current Empty Parking Space of the Charging Station IS0, This Fee Will Be Upgraded To 6. 4 Yuan Per Minute.

Battery Research Institute: What are the limits to fast charging?

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" On the one hand, fast charge can reduce battery life, reduce the capacity of the powerbattery, and reduce the power consumption per kilometer for the whole vehicle, which can be described as energysaving and environmental protection.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" On the one hand, the fast charge will reduce charging efficiency. Excessive electric energy changes intouseless heat, and it will also speed up battery aging to reduce battery life, speed up the formation of lithiumdendrites, causing spontaneous risk. In addition, the SUPER FAST Charge Is Great INCREASED, AND MANY SOCIALRESOURES NEED TO BE Used to Build Infrastructure.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" Therefore, Fast Charge Does Not Point To Environmental Protection, IT HAS Environmentally Friendly andNot Environmentally Friendly Two-Sided.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" In addition, there are many environmentally friendly features of the manufacturers of fry V2G reversecharging. In fact, the solution of this severe power battery cycle life is not environmentally notenvironmentally, because the production and recovery of the power battery will generate severe pollution, UsingElectric Vehicles The Power Supply Option IS Basically No Winner.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" The maximum soft rib in the electric car is that the battery technology bottleneck can not break through,and the car society has been developed by the car society (3 minutes to add oil) and it is not compatible. Thefast charge will be except for energy IT is Basical Not Trustworthy. It is basically not trustworthy from thefulure of energy density and fast charging.

"725" "725" "725" "725" "725" At the end of this dialactical thinking, this is the officle end of the word.

(Figure / text / photo: pacific car network huang hengle)

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