Is Bank Holiday a Holiday for Bank? The Translation IS WRONG ...

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May 1 Small Holiday Passed ~ You Know, Almost At the Same Time

Is Bank Holiday a Holiday for Bank? The Translation IS WRONG ...

Bank holiday exists in the UK and some of the Federal countries, the literal meaning is "Bank Holiday", which is actually equivalent to the public holidays we are saying, and it is also a bit of relationship with the bank.

The concept of Bank Holiday "Bank Holiday" has emerged in 1871, the provisions of the time that this day, the British bank needs to be closed, any transaction involving bills must be paused until the next day, it can be paid normally.

Before this, Britain's Banks Have to Open Their Doors Every Day! It's really hard to one.

Good in 1871, the bank's rest regulations are implemented, and the employees in other industries have also followed the light. Anyway, if the bank does not open the door, they can also follow the bank's rhythm to take a vacation.

What Did Bank Holiday SO Good Idea? All of this Must Be attributed to a bristish banker from the 19th Century, John Lubbock, John Lubbock.

IT Was LibERAL Politician and Banker Sir John Lubbock Who Author The Bank Holidays Act of 1871, Which Made The Public Holidays Official.

LibERAL PARTY Politicians, Branches John Luberk Wrote The "1871 Bank Holiday Law" to make these public holidays a formal holiday.

Is Bank Holiday a Holiday for Bank? The Translation IS WRONG ...

In the era of Sir Riberto, in addition to the Wuli Festival, Halloween, Jesus, and Christmas 4-day public holidays outside the weekend, but in fact, as many as 33 days of public holidays in the UK before 1871. .

Later, I Got Up in 1834, The British Government At The Time Didn't Let Eveyone Go To a Holiday, SO i DCREASED A PUBLIC HOLIDAY To Only 4 Days a year! Who can I Bear IT?

However, The British Still Endured for Decades UnTil The Awakening of Sir Rabbark.

Sir Rabbark I love cricket, the day of the bank held in many games at the time, the bank did not have holiday, according to the prescribed bank employees, I can not invoice, Jazz and other bank fans were very distressed.

Then What Should We do? I want to give this day!

So Laberk Jazz Used His Auto The Write Bank Holiday Into The Law, This Can Be Called To Play The Board! It is real a small machine spirit.

Is Bank Holiday a Holiday for Bank? The Translation IS WRONG ...  (图源

An Avid Supporter of His Local Cricket Games, Sir John Lubbock, A Member of Parliament and A Social Reforr, Decided It Was Time For People To Enjoy Some Extra Time Off, Courtesy of The British Government.

AS A Fanatic Hot Supporter, Congress and Social Reform, John Rabbark Decided to Have Some Additional Holidays Provided by The British Government.

For Many Victorians, The Bank Holidays Offered Opportunities for Family Get-Togethers. Workers Saw Bank Holidays A Workers Saw Bank Holidays.

For Many Victorian People, Bank Holidays Give People Gatherings. Workers Think of Bank Holidays as a Welcome Break from everay.

Is Bank Holiday a Holiday for Bank? The Translation IS WRONG ...  (1962年报道Bank Holiday的报纸文章,图源:thepublichlidayguide)

The August holiday in particular was very popular. As Lubbock wrote on August 7, 1871, "Every seaside place near London, every railway and place of amusement was chock-full. " People taking advantage of the holidays spent time in the parks, at The beaches, and at the zoo.

The holiday in August is particularly popular. As Labake wrote on August 7, 1871, "Every railfront area near London, every railway and entertainment venues are full. " People use vacation to park, beaches and zoo.

Chock-fulll / ˌtʃɒk fʊl / adj. stuffed


FOR MANY People, Bank Holidays Are Eagerly Expected Like Other Traditional Festivals in The Year.

Traffic Jams Were, And Still Are, A Feature Of Bank Holidays. In the 1960s The Number of Vehicle Accidents and Road Deaths over the Holiday Period Was a Cause for Concern.

Traffic clogging the past is, it is still a feature of bank holidays. In the 1960s, the number of vehicles and road deaths during the holidays were caused by concern.

Is Bank Holiday a Holiday for Bank? The Translation IS WRONG ...  (图源

Initially, in order to express the "Bank Holiday" to the Burkk Jazz, I was named these holidays with his last name, called Bank Holiday St Lubbock's Days, interesting is that this name is not long. Bachelor's Bank Holiday replaced.

Most Bank Holiday Are ON Monday, So Even A Three-Day Holiday on The Weekend.

Later, in the UK, there were some adjustments: In 1971, the original "1871 Bank Holiday Law" implemented 100th anniversary, the original regulations were abolished, of course, some of the previous content was also included in 1971 Bank and Financial Services, Some of the Original Religious Festivals Are Also Included in Bank Holidays.

HoWever, In this year, The UK is Still Relative Small (British Public Holidays Are Less Than Mexico, England and Wales Are 8 Days Public Holidays, 9 Days In Scotland, 10 Days in Northern Ireland).

But it is a little more expensive. In the UK, some major events will become a holiday. For example, when Diamond Jubiee of Queen Elizabeth II, it adds a Bank in June. Holiday.

What Are The Bank Holiday in Twelve Months? Come Study Hard ~

New Year's Day New Year's Day

Good Friday Jesus Virtue Day


Early May Bank Holiday

Spring Bank Holiday Spring Bank Holiday

Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday British Queen Elizabeth II Bing Jin Bank Holiday

Summer Bank Holiday Summer Bank Holiday

Boxing day holiday day

Christmas Day Christmas

(Example of British Bank Holiday in 2022)

Is Bank Holiday a Holiday for Bank? The Translation IS WRONG ...

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