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On May 12th, a judgment released by the Beijing Court Trial Information Network showed that Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huawei") and the trademark application for the National Intellectual Property Office Dismiss ed the review of administrative disputes, and the results of the judgment were rejected by Huawei. request.

In this case, the trademark of the compedition is "Hongmeng", "Hongmeng", No. 3,8307327, approved by Huawei, 2013. Corporate trademarks One as the graphic text combination trademark "CRM Hongmont and map", the Chinese identification part is "Hongmeng", the introduction mark is the "Hongmeng" of the pure text trademark. The court believes that the trademark of the competent discipline and the cited trademark one to two constitute an approximate trademark of the same or similar service.

Huawei requested the court to revoke the respondents and decided to re-decide the National Intellectual Property Office.

The Beijing Intellectual Property Court believes that plaintiff Huawei provides a case-of-aerative relationship with Huawei's trademark, which has been used to obtain a higher reputation with Huawei, which has been sufficient to use it in the designated service. The distinctive characteristics of the phase are not caused by the relevant public confusion. Therefore, Huawei's related Claim s and legal basis shall not be supported.

Dear classmates, let's learn today's legal hot words -

[Legal hot words]


Dismbissthe Claims


(1) Dismarks; Disposal (2) dismiss (prosecution); (without opening trial)  


n. (1) (for a property, rights, relief, etc.) claims; rights request; rights claim (2) Requests; rights; property rights (3) payment request; compensation request; claim (4) payment request Right; claiming rights (5), the right to ask the right to ask for any rights; compensation; compensation (6) (settler, forest harmonious, explorer, etc., other marking methods such as pile or legal requirements) Land, etc.), claims to be property rights; (for regard to Property Right) Plies (7) Litigation Request (8) Patent Publication Patent Applicant Declaring its application patent in accordance with patent conditions, requiring a statement. v. (9) The claims or rights claim; claiming (rights) or (item) (10) requirement or possession; claim (11) requires compensation; claim (12) declared; (13) Has; with

[Hot words]

Dismissan action


Claimagainst the United States

Remarks to US Government  

Claimand delivery

Moving a lawsuit against a lifetime caused by illegally capturing or rescurving the animal and requires compensation. Similar to the real estate on ordinary law possesses a reply lawsuit [replevin].

Claimin equity

〈英〉衡平法上的请求 在某些事实争议不大的简单案件中,有时为避免完整而费时的诉答程序,可依请求而进行简易程序的审理〔summary proceeding by Claim 〕。这种简易程序于1850年创设,1860年废止了此种请求。

Claimof cognizance

Jurisdictional request refers to the third party asks a court to exercise jurisdiction or judgment on the case of the plaintiff.

Claimof exemption

(Personal Property) Exemption Request Creditors seizure, the debtor advocates the right to self-disciplinary and universal properties in accordance with the law through the judicial proceedings.

[French original]

Article 56 of my country Civil Procedure Law stipulates:

Where a third party as mentioned in the preceding two paragraphs fails to participate in an action, which is not attributable to the third party's fault, and there is evidence that an effective judgment, ruling or consent judgment is entirely or partially erroneous and causes damage to the third party's civil rights and interests, the third party may, within six months from the day when the third party knows or should have known that the third party's civil rights and interests have been damaged, institute an action in the people's court which entered the judgment, ruling or consent judgment. If, after trial, the third party's Claim s are supported, the people's court shall modify or revoke the original judgment, ruling or consent judgment; or if the third party's Claim s are not supported, the Claim s shall be Dismiss ed.

前两款规定的第三人,因不能归责于本人的事由未参加诉讼,但有证据证明发生法律效力的判决、裁定、调解书的部分或者全部内容错误,损害其民事权益的,可以自知道或者应当知道其民事权益受到损害之日起六个月内,向作出该判决、裁定、调解书的人民法院提起诉讼。人民法院经审理,诉讼请求成立的,应当改变或者撤销原判决、裁定、调解书;诉讼请求不成立的,Removal 。

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