WITHOUT THE UNICORN CHIP, GET AWAY from Huawei's Glory, Pick Up The Domstic Core Take The Lead to Eat "CRAB"!

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WITHOUT THE UNICORN CHIP, GET AWAY from Huawei's Glory, Pick Up The Domstic Core Take The Lead to Eat

Huawei tears and sells glory brands to survive, let glory out of the predicament. Since Huawei sells glory, its mobile phone business has fallen sharply, mainly because of the restrictions of chips. In this way, the sale of glory is also a great way to operate. Today, the biggest problem facing Huawei is survival, while looking for a breakthrough in chips, the other side has launched Huawei car and cloud pig. Huawei said that there is no problem at least this year.

Whether the glory sold through the sale through the restrictions of the chip, how will future development? Since the glory of independence, all the problems have been solved, and the chip is toned when the chip is toned, although the unicorn chip is lost, but it can be used to use Qualcomm and Lianfa. In addition, achieving independent glory seems to be hard, glory means that the glory will be unclear, and it is determined to surpass Huawei, do the strongest domestic mobile phone brand, enter the top Three List of the world.

However, the state of glory has also been seriously questioned by the industry. It has been separated from Huawei's back book. Without the blessing of unicorn chips, what to grab the market, and where is the self-confidence becomes a domestic no .. 1? However, The Recent Glory Will Make A Heavy Action, The So That The industry is scraping.

WITHOUT THE UNICORN CHIP, GET AWAY from Huawei's Glory, Pick Up The Domstic Core Take The Lead to Eat

Some time ago, glory was first launched by the latest product glory V40 after independence. The glory without chip restrictions was also invited by Qualcomm and Liaotai. From the glory V40, it is finally favored, equipped with 1000+ chips, but the price is Much Higher Than The Other Brands of The Same Configuration, Netizens Also Expressed Their Sincerity.

Subsequent glory means that the glory 50 series mobile phones will be released, and its performance can be comparable to Huawei P50, which uses a high-pass 5nm cradle of Snapdragon 888 chip. Independent glory has nothing to do with Huawei, everything can only rely on himself, and this glory will also move toward high-end markets, doing things that have never been done before. The high-end market will also become the main battlefield of glory, even if you get from the chip crisis, glory will inevitably Move to this step.

But an accident is that glory is not only impacted in high-end markets, but also layout in all-round markets not only. Not long ago, glory released a low-end elderly to cause a lot of attention, because this is a mobile ......................... ..

WITHOUT THE UNICORN CHIP, GET AWAY from Huawei's Glory, Pick Up The Domstic Core Take The Lead to Eat

Violee Exhibition can be said to be the current domestic exquisite chip design enterprise, the most mature chip design enterprise, engaged in chip research and development has been many years, but also has achieved a lot of breakthroughs, but it has been difficult to enter the high-end market in the low-end market. in fact, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have hardly use the chip of Violet exhibition, because the chips designed are more low, and they have never entered the supply chain of major mobile phone manufacturers, let Alone Enter The High-End Market.

And this glory picked up a domestic chip, the first crab with domestic chips, which may help the development of domestic chips to promote Zikuang exhibition to high-end markets. Why do you say this? It is difficult to open the best, and the .

my country's chip is backward is a well-known fact, but who is not from zero? There is always a process, and every attempt in the chip field will be a new innovation. In addition, whether it is high-end or low- end, there is a need, and companies can better develop. The cooperation between glory and purple light will bring breakthroughs to the chip field. At present, the domestic high-end chip has only Huayi, although the chip design ability is also the most In The World, But Only by a Company is Unable to Achieve The Entire Semiconductor Industry IS Upgraded.

WITHOUT THE UNICORN CHIP, GET AWAY from Huawei's Glory, Pick Up The Domstic Core Take The Lead to Eat

Then why Huawei can achieve self-research high-end chip, can the purple light? In fact, Huawei chip has such a fast development. On the one hand, Huawei's investment in R & D is extremely huge. Huawei will invest 10% -20% revenue for R & D every year. In 2020, Huawei's R & D investment is up to 141.9 billion yuan. The development of Huawei has also laid a good foundation for Huawei chip research and development. In addition, Huawei can also use the chip to use its own product, constantly verify the upgrade, or quickly implement the development of chip design.

It can be said that Huawei's development model is self-produced, and it is highly efficient, but the violet is exhibited. First, the research difficulty of chip technology is naturally not to say, it is very difficult to achieve only by chip design, it is very difficult, and the chip industry is a high-income return cycle, which is extremely serious. Ziguang exhibit has no mobile phone business, can not verify quickly, and even investment faces the risks of water drift, because there is no Mobile Phone Manufacturer is Willing to Accompany The Purple Light Exhibition Sharp

The low-end chip has not been recognized by the market. Is it a cost-drive research and development cost? Now that glory has reached cooperation with Zikuang Show, although the mobile phone manufacturers are still watching, I believe how long it takes, the purple light will be recognized by the market. Soon after it can form a closed loop, profit, technical breakthrough, chip upgrade Maybe the next Huawei is a violet exhibition. Do you think Zikuang exhibitions can not move towards high-end markets? Welcome To the message message to tell us.

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