Qiyue Province mukautettu synteesi mesohuokoisen komposiitti Fe | Mesohuokoinen Fe3O4/MnO2-komposiitti

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Magnetic nanoparticles are combined with menu nanoporous silicon nanoparticles, and the synthesized nanomagnetic composite particles have good magnetic response and biomass, which can be used as a contrast agent and targeting agent, in catalytic, environmental pollutant separation. Magnetic nanoparticles develop rapidly due to their magnetic storage, biomedical applications, biomedical applications are mainly used in pharmaceutical carriers and nuclear magnetic resonances. The mesoporous silicon nanoparticles have a high specific surface area and a hole volume, an adjustable pore structure, a good physical chemical stability and excellent bio-adaptability and degradable capability, and is an ideal pharmaceutical carrier and a surface stabilizer.


We have: synthetic phospholipin, polymer polyethylene glycol derivative, block copolymer, magnetic nanoparticles, nanotrol and nano-gold rod, near-infrared fluorescent dye, active fluorescent dye, fluorescently labeled glucan BSA and streptavidation, protein crosslinking agent, small molecule PEG derivative, dotting chemical product, dendrimer, cyclodextrous derivative, large ring ligand, fluorescence quantum point, hyaluronic acid derivative, graphene or oxidation Graphene, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes.

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HS-PS-FE3O4NPS mercapto group polystyrene modified tetraned iron nanoparticles

Polypine - tetraned iron magnetic organic / inorganic hybrid functional material (PPY @ Fe3O4)

Polyaniline-FE3O4 Organic / Inorganic Hybrid Functional Material ((PANI @ Fe3O4)

Polythiophene - tetraned iron magnetic organic / inorganic hybrid functional material (P3HT @ Fe3O4)

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Upper conversion and magnetic multi-function composite nanomaterial UCNPS @ Fe3O4

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TiO / Feo complex nanoparticles

TiO / Feo / SiO complex nanoparticles

Ole acid modified Fe2O3 nanocomposite particles

Nano-FE2O3 / terminal hydroxy polybutadiene (HTPB) composite particles

Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) / iron oxide (FE2O3) nanoparticle composite nanofibers

γ-Fe2O3 @ au nuclear - shell structure nanoparticles

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Nano-FE2O3 / oalgoxylammonium AP / HTPB composite particles

Hydroxylated carbon nanotube / iron oxide composite particles


Nano FE2O3 / Gallenne (RGO-Fe2O3NPS) composite

MnO2-fe2O3 composite nanoparticles

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