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● Guide ●

Japan's epidemic situation has always been in the hearts of our students.

In the middle and late March, the epidemic in Osaka and Kyoto has been effectively controlled, and the number of new infections in the day is once in the number of digits. But with the fluctuation of the world's epidemic situation, Japan must not have entered the third emergency declaration ...

Fortunately, the vaccination in Japan has recently been made, and Nairi is said to be inoculated in two months? ! Let's take a look at the detailed report.

● 正文●

"The Prime Minister" July, the target "jumped"" ワ ワ チ チ チ

The new コ コ ナウ ル ス ス ワ チ チ チ ス ス チ チ チ チ めぐ, が ら ら......... に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に

"Suddenly in July, he is the end of the world." Recently, the 10th, the から から...............................

In terms of new crown vaccination, Japanese Prime Minister Niyi made the goal of completing the inoculation of the elderly before the end of July.

"It is absolutely to be completed in July!"

The emergency declaration is the extension of the 7th, the reporter will meet で "private self-first が に っ っ, the vaccination accelerated を に に に"に 24th に"Self-defense team large-scale vaccination セ タ タ ー" オ プ プ せ, autonomous body の り り み み わせ わせ わせ み み み え の の え の..... ......

ら, the country's 1741 cityち ち ち ち100 が が が が が. き... と と と と と と と し し と と と し し と と と し し し し し し し し し し し.. し. し.. し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し. し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し. し し し. し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し し

The Prime Minister "Originally" "(government relations) あ あに に に,........................ On April 21, Liu Tian Li Taidu is a pride, the official residence, the autonomous body, the support, に に た る よ...

At deciding on the 7th of the decision to announce an emergency state, Niki emphasized: "I will take the lead accetrated inoculation." On 24th, the Self-Defense Team has opened the "Self-Defense Team", with local autonomy. The group cooperates to achieve more than 1 million vaccination a day nationwide.

According to prediction, there are currently 1,000 nationwide villages, there are currently 1,000 inoculation in July, if the country provides support, the goal is achievable.

In order to coordinate with local autonomous groups, Nairishi mobilized the province of powerful influence. On April 21, Junyi called the Mandarin General of Wudata to the Prime Minister, privately instructing them to support local autonomous groups.

ぐ ぐ ぐ ... The prime minister, the 23rd, the martial arts inoculated, "July, the target" ち ち, そ そち に に け け · · 」び びメ メ ル ル ... ル ル. ル. ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル 27th は, the head of the staff, the title of the martyrdom of the city, the head of the city of Miyu, the talents, the things.

そ て,.. つ... プ プつ. . . . .

The General Administration will echo it. When Nabi Weiwei presented the "July Target" of the older in the elderly on the 23rd, he sent an email to the government all over the country, called on them to "tried to work and cooperate" to achieve this goal. Local support shall be established on April 27 that staff above the Assistant Level, began to call the inquiry situation to the responsible people in the city.

In addition, Prime Minister's official residence also provides assistance to the Doctors Association and a self-organized self-organized self-organizing.

● 延伸●

The following figure is a vaccination plan for the elderly in Japan's Working, the province. According to the plan, the 2 vaccination of 36 million people can be completed in Japan at the end of June, and then the vaccination of ordinary populations is started.

Combined with this news, we can also see the determination of Japan's popular vaccines and full resistance to the epidemic. I hope that the epidemic will calm down as soon as possible, everyone can successfully realize their own stay!

While injection of your confidence, the Basica will not forget to urge everyone to learn.

How is the ability to test in July?

Is the vocabulary in the news?

Then let's take a test! ヾ (≧ ▽ ≦ *) o

● 词汇・短语●


[やっき] (described verbs)

1 is impatient; excited; excitement

例:Jump になって議論する。(兴奋地议论。)

2 desperate;

例:Jump になって子どものために奔走する。(为孩子的事积极奔走。)

Talk through

[み み お お] (noun)

1;; look

例:霧でTalk through がきかない。(因雾看不远。)

2 expect, foresee; speculation

例:Talk through はあまりよくない。(前景不妙。)

3 look through, see through; see clear, see; insight

例:神さまはおTalk through だ。(老天爷明鉴。)

4 always look down;

例:朝からテレビのTalk through だ。(从早上开始就一直看着电视。)

First に つ つ

[せ せ と う に つ つ] (five verbs) is located in the forefront; take the lead;

Example: The public の に て, disaster の prestige rescue activities り り む. (Lead the masses, conduct disaster prevention and rescue work.)

The overall situation of the global epidemic, although we don't allow us to relax, but I believe that under the work together of the people of all countries, we must win the epidemic as soon as possible, ushered in a beautiful new world!

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