Curve overtaking, counterattack shortcut! High school creatures: all blind spots, easy tolerant points

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Recently, I have to ask me, high school creatures, use small books to write the wrong point and demarchers discovered in the process?

Sisters want to say to be useful, and very useful! ! ! If you find an easy-tolerant point and a border point when you do the questions, you haven't used it, it is probably not useful.

1. [Basic Memory] I found a lot of little knowledge points that creatures I haven't seen it before, and I've been recorded in a small book. I can deepen my memory. In recent years, the college entrance examination volume (Question 2 Congratulations) has a trend of inspection, such as the definition of resistance stability in 2020, and the definition of memory becomes important. 2. [Extension Expansion] More importantly, enter the two-round period, review the textbook, you will find that many small knowledge points come from textbooks, or expand and extend in textbook knowledge. When you look at the textbook, Lenovo's small knowledge points can not only deepen the understanding and memory of textbooks, but also exercise their own association and knowledge migration capabilities, which can play very much when you encounter new information Big role, let you find a new point, shorten the question time. 3. [Review Memory] In the late high school, with the amount of memory and the amount of memory, the knowledge in the mind is likely to make a chaotic forget, the most terrible is Zhang Guan Li Dai, remember the wrong! ! ! At this time, small books played an important role. It records demarchers and error-related points, which will become important review materials, and the intensive knowledge is the point, save review time and energy.

How to do?

When the school sister has a high three, there is an account, each two page records, each knowledge point number, and record it. Whenever I record a page, I have a sense of satisfying a new page. It is like a sum of money in a passbook. If you want to review it according to your subject, you can write it in different books. If you choose to bring it, your favorite book can improve the fun of learning.

[High School Biology: All Knowledge Blind Point, Easy tolerant Point] The school sister helped everyone to organize it, have a full electronic version, for everyone to check the deficiencies. The wrong questions encountered in the process of my own questions can also add it. The most important thing is to persist in recording memory and stick to it will have a good result!

Let's take a look! (Space limit) full version can be printed! Remarks [Information] can download for free

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