High school historical practical memory method, big year (time axis), recommended collection

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The high school history involved in the dynasty, and the character incident is more complicated. Although it has accumulated a certain foundation from junior high school, I want to keep the knowledge point firmly, and I have achieved 80+ good results when the exam is still not easy. Today I will share a super practical high school historical memory method and a treasure information.


Fit homonym method. This teacher in class is definitely speaking with the students, which is to use the homonym and make some abstract historical events and characters. For example, the first unequal treaty in China, the five national ports opened in the Chinese and English "Nanjing Treaty", from the south to the north, Guangdong, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, and the word can be remembered " Sumple Ning Ning.

This is not much simple, is it simple? If you still feel that the high school history knowledge is hard, then I will share it with a treasure information.


The most important thing to learn high-middle history is to combat clear years. However, the knowledge points on the textbook are very varied, and it is difficult to connect together without the system's finishing. Today, I will share a "High School History" (Timeline) ", each dynasty, and the split point is clear, and it is a non-profitable information in the process of learning history.

I have selected some of the pictures updated below, it is recommended that the students collect printed and reserve.

Regarding the study of high school history, what else do you have any questions, you can tell me directly. Or what you think is helpful for learning, you can also tell me, as long as you can improve your achievements, I will try my best.

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