My SAP study experience: successful transformation, thanks to Lai Lai

ioeinternet 08/09/2021 1851

I am a summer Sap Fico's actual battle class, and I write to my study experience in Lai.

In fact, I have developed SAP ABAP, but just write code, I know that I have a transparent, I always feel something you have made, I don't know if there is any value, can solve the actual problem. Because I want to understand the business, I started learning the FIICO module. In the five-month course, many things have been studied. The NICK teacher is a teacher with 18 years of work and teaching experience. The projects have been taken out to make people can't help but make an admire. It is rare to be, such a powerful teacher, the lecture is not only logical, but also considers Xiaobai's listening, it is a language that is easy to understand, and it is very patient. Another advantage of NICK teachers is that it is good at cheering for the students, and has a bitterness of learning. Learning is not only the teacher and supervisor. 12 hours online answer. Because it is a full-time teacher, it is very rapid response. In the process of learning, what is doubts, you can quickly get resolved.


In these five months of study, and the small partners in the same period also established revolutionary friendship. After all, everyone is in the vast ocean of SAP, struggling to swim, support each other, encourages, the value of mutual growth is not estimated.

It has been officially working for two months. In these two months, the teacher of Lai Lai still gives me a lot of support. When I encounter problems, the teacher will help you provide solving ideas. For me, I haven't solved practical problems, not only in my spirit, not crashing, anxiety, greatly enhanced my own confidence because of one or two ways to block the road.

In short, I am very glad that I chose to learn. Thanks to Nick teachers and Dididi students have been supporting and helping in learning and work. I hope that Leles is getting better and better!

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