: Nan Huaiyu said that if the exact slightly speaking, the heart is correct, the heart is correct.

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According to the information that is currently mastered. Teacher Nan Huai is a heart, but not only speaking.

Remove in other works, or in the lecture meditation activities, mentioned outside the heart. The comparative system explains once in the 1983 winter holiday. Teacher Nan Huai said that the students who gave the Ten Jungle Academy once, and the heart was corrected in Yuantong.

This lecture is a explanation of Nan Huaiqi's comparative system for the heart of the heart. The brothers of the ten-party Jungle Academy recorded it and then widely circulated.

It is worth noting that this brochure, this book is explained. Later, it was named different names and was widely circulated in the network. More common book names, have the following:

1, Nan Huai's speech

2, if you are going to talk about

3, the heart is corrected in the Method

The above three is a common book name. Everyone has encountered, pay attention to the content explained by the above three book names, it is likely to be a content. They are all the record of the course of the Tentang Jungle Academy in Nan Huaiqi, in the 1983 Han Dynasty. This requires everyone to know.

At present, there is no discovery that this content is organized into books and publish directly. Some of the netizens may have finished printing it out, but there is no truly book, publishing in China, just private printing.

Because this is a book, it is very short, it is very short, and the reading is two or three minutes, it may be read. After reading slow two or three hours, the half-time time is also enough to read. It may be because this level is relatively small, so it does not organize it into books in China, and publish directly. This brother who wants to study the work of Nan Huai's teacher, the students need it.

The heart is a more important work in Buddha's ideological culture. In daily practice, our help is very big. Therefore, the male accountant teacher is in the late lecture, or some of them will often mention the contents of the heart.

Of course, Mr. Nan Huaiyu will make an explanation of the heart every time, more or less to the heart, or in depth. These related content may be spread throughout the work of Nan Huaiyu. Of course, the system, complete, more deliberate explanation is the booklet mentioned above.

If there is time in the later period, it may be able to summon the content of Nan Huai, the teacher, and form a complete information as much as possible.

Later, we came back to the south of the south today, and there will be questions or mistakes above. You are welcome to gather in the commentary criticism. If you feel helpful, welcome everyone, welcome everyone to praise, collection, forward Recommended, let some content exert unlimited power, help more people, support will also increase the update frequency of the content, and finally pay attention to the return, can get updates in the first time, our next content, goodbye.

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