On "Entropy Increasing THEORY, THEORY OF EVOLUTION" (1)

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On "Entropy Advanced, Evolution" (1)

- When she is rotten, she laughs in the bus.

In the previous article, the author has attracted the concept of entropy. Before the discussion is officially discussed, the author first briefly introduces the connotation of entropy.

The concept of entropy originated in the 19th century scientist's research on thermodynamics, proposed by German physicist Crawus in 1865 and expressed in uppercase letters S. Entropy refers to a system "inner chaos."

It is known from the public 11 and public 10, and the isolated system will always tend to entropy, and finally reach the maximum state of entropy, that is, the most confusing state of the system. This is the "entropy increase" (also known as entropy increase principle, entropy increased law).

The prerequisite for "entropy increase" is only one, isolated system.

Using the common phenomenon in our lives, it is very simple, including but not limited to: the opening of the bow does not turn back; the dust is difficult; the mirror is difficult to retreat;

The turning arrow means entropy reduction, and the water refers to entropy, and the broken mirror means entropy, and the like. These will not happen in isolation. Imagine what to do if the entropy reduction above is established? Need people (or other things) will pick up the arrow, need to dig all the places where the water is covered, refine the water (purified), and melt the broken mirror and refurbish the silver, which breaks the prerequisite for the isolation system. Therefore, it is possible to entropy. But what kind of feeling is given to breaking this prerequisite? This feeling says: "Hey! Feel the old nose is hard, forget it, don't do it." (Innocent face)

If you don't make it, you can't entropy, you have been entropy, until the maximum entropy. It may entropy or reduce it. Isolate system no one (object) is going to do, entropy will always increase until the biggest.

Said that there are so many, "Entropy Zeng" and the "Evolutionary, Applause Survival" inside the previous "Evolution"? It feels that it is the two stuffs that can't beatented in the eight.

wrong! There is a relationship, and there is a very large relationship, there is a direct causal relationship between the two. The following is discussed in detail.

First, according to the initial concept of Darwin, the birth and evolution of life, follow the path "by simple to complex, low-level to advanced", but Darwin and other biologists have not given life to evolve according to this path. Why can't it be "simple to simple, low-level to low" or "complex to simple, advanced to low", that is, "the" Substant, the Survival "(2)" The final proposed paradox is unless.

Second, however, after the "entropy increase" introduces "evolution", some issues become clear.

The following author starts logic deduction:

(1) Variety, the birth of the first life on the earth. (The birth process is not clear, the birth method is unclear, the origin is not clear, the birth is not clear)

(2) Temporary the first life is always regarded as an isolated system, according to the "entropy increase", the entropy of life will only increase, and finally reach the maximum entropy.

(3) What does it mean that the entropy of life reaches its maximum value? Death & Gone!

(4) Returning to (a).

(5) Many times, countless repetitions (1) to (4).

(6) In the course of countless repetition, one (the first or first trillion is possible), life breaks the premise of the isolation system, obtained "negative entropy" from the isolated system (from the outside world) Ingesting energy, talking about people is eating), temporarily resisting entropy.

(7) However, according to the "entropy increase", the entropy of the isolated system in life is still at the time, keeps increasing, life can only be repeated (6), otherwise it will enter (3).

(8) However, according to the "Entropy Incuture", the isolation system at life is started from the outside world, and the isolated system of this outside world

and life forms a new bigger isolated. System, the new isolated system is called isolated system B.

(Nine) However, according to the "entropy increase", the entropy of the isolated system B is also the time, constant, and it is necessary to enter (2), (3).

(10) In order to avoid (nine), the isolation system B has to obtain "negative entropy" from the outside, and enter the loop (eight), generating an isolated system C.

(11) From (8) ~ (10) constantly loop, finally generate the isolated system Z.

(12) So can this isolate Z can not limit? According to the public 16, public 14, public 13, do not discuss, no discussion.

(12) Isolate System Z limited, then how much is this size? Now we have opened God's perspective, knowing this size is one mm or more than one million yuan (micrometers), this is the size of the life when the life is born, Z and the outside world is life and outside world. The boundaries.

(13) What is the typical difference between Z and the outside world? From the surface, there is significant difference from the border between the z, the most obvious difference is a more beautiful and colorful in the border, which seems to be monotonous, average, average, but even more, more It is also colorful. Summary with a sentence, the internal entropy is low; Z external entropy is high on the same scale, and the entropy is low on a larger scale.

(14) Now that it has been basically clear, Z does not change the premise of the size and only one, and only one, the "negative entropy" is obtained faster on this larger scale to conftrinate the internal entropy. increase.

(Fifteen) Now, "The Answers" (2) "The answer" The final proposed paradox has exposed the Iceberg, which is the driving force or cause of "material competition", that is, "things" in order to fight Entropy increases. The confrontation is successful, "object" is present; fight against failure, "object" disappears.

(16) Life begins with birth from the moment of birth, it began to fight entropy, but not in time, it is not in confrontation of entropy, there is no one-stop, everything is to better confer entropy. Focus on success, existed; fight against failure, disappear, from the beginning, from (1) to (16).

(18) So why to define life to better confproprine increase in micrometers? Why is "from simple to complex, from low to advanced" to better conftrimental increase?

The reason is very simple, which is determined by the definition of entropy, entropy, and entropy reduction. Simply, the public 11 and the public 10 can be derived, and in the case of other conditions:

1. The maximum value of the isolated system entropy is related to the number of molecules (basic units), or is proportional to the size of life;

2. If life is present, the negative entropy resistance entropy increase must be taken before the entropy reaches the maximum.

3. In order to complete 2, life has the following paths:

1 Adjust the maximum entropy (max) allowed by life;

2 Reduce the rate (PO) of internal entropy incremental in isolate system;

3 Improve the rate of isolation system from external intake negative entropy (entropy);


(MAX) ↑

(PO) ↑ Life volume ↑ (pi) ↑

The embarrassing thing is coming. The increase in life size will increase ①②③ at the same time. However, in the process of volume increase, the rate of change of the three is different. The author's conclusion is that there is a critical value (A) for this volume. If it is less than the critical value, the MAX rate & entropy deceleration rate > entropy increase rate; if it is greater than the critical value, the MAX rate & entropy deceleration rate

According to the public 2 and public 10, from the perspective of rate changes, MAX and entropy are reduced by linear changes, while entropy is increased by index.

Tired, write next time.

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