Teacher Wang Xiaobo: Everyone can be like him ", reflecting the teacher's identity positioning

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On May 13, 202, it was the birthday of Wang's novel. Jiabanist teacher prescribed Wang Xiaobo in the "Cultural Reference" column. First give the conclusion of Teacher Jia. Lu Xun and Wang Xiaobo just as a sample in society, thinking that everyone can think equally as they are as equally. Lu Xun and Wang Xiaobo's important similarities, they never assessed the ideological elites that were high, never put out the gestures of the leader and the enamel. Their ideological way is to start from analyzing. They are not obsessed with deep, unique thoughts, but are happy to write everyone, and they can know. Throwing the gift of Jia teacher refining: mature and awake, like a vaccine, the more vaccinors, the safer the living environment, and the stupid is harmful to the group.

Why do you record this part? When I saw Lu Xun and Wang Xiaobo never hosted by the leader and the enlightenment, I woke up. In the past two years, I reflect on classroom teaching, I have realized that the role of teachers is not a church and guilty. When I use the leader's role, do I have established equal relationships with students? Will I stand in an enamel? How can the teacher's role position to change the classroom to the classroom teaching of students? I have fallen into doubts. In this year, I have realized a problem. I will obviously feel the sense of students in the class. The students don't fully trust Ma Teacher, learn or still immerse to be silent. Why is this? When you talk privately under class, the students are very relaxed. It is happy to make friends with me. What attracts students to open my heart? For these questions, I have no answer to it. The comparison of the two masters of Lu Xun and Wang Xiaobo, looking forward to your help, and look forward to your feedback.

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