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my country's children's adolescents are high and low-age, which seriously affects the physical and mental health of children, and has become the focus of concern in the whole society. On May 11th, the Ministry of Education introduced 2021 National Comprehensive Prevention and Control Children's Adolescent Idown Key Work, it is clear that the key tasks that need to be completed in the 2021 to strengthen their child's adolescent myopia prevention and control.

The key task is proposed that school education is based on the principles of on-demand, and the use of electronic products, teaching and arrangement is not relying on electronic products. It does not exceed 30% of the teaching time for teaching, in principle, in principle, paper operations; At the same time, it is encouraged to purchase standard-adjustable course chairs and sitting correctors to provide students with the learning environment that meets eye hygiene requirements. Strictly follow the general primary and secondary school construction standards, implement classrooms, dormitory, libraries (reading room Waiting for lighting and lighting requirements.

For this initiative, we need to be clearly to minimize the impact of mobile phones on adolescent health, rather than "a knife cut" manages mobile phone use, otherwise it will affect normal teaching life. "The Internet is gradually trigging on the big change of the education industry, and the new model of the" Internet + "era is in line with the traditional education system, injecting fresh blood into the classroom teaching, through Internet technology, big data resources, etc., can make up for traditional teaching The short board, which is also the education informationization that the country has been implemented. "

The product planning of far-sized champion app said that the use of App Learning software will be a trend, and some problems may occur during the process, which requires school and parents to make reasonable specifications and guidance. In addition, parent-child education and communication interaction is also very important. Parents can't let go because they have learned APPs, but they will plan to plan with their children to determine the time and goals of app learning, and guide children to learn from self-control. The far size champion app provides professional convenient mathematics operation counseling, not an alternative to the traditional line operation mode, but an effective supplement, not only enhances learning efficiency, there is a big data behind the job, and the wrong question is through each student. Learning data for analysis, research, helps to cultivate students' personalized learning ability.

The key task also puts forward that all localities must strictly follow the normal teaching of "zero start", the first grade of the primary school is not arranged in written homework, and the completion time of the written homework in three to sixth grades must not exceed 60 minutes, and the first middle school must not exceed 90 minutes. Rational arrangement of work time. Resolutely control the number of unified examination in the campus of the compulsory education, the first semester of the primary school must not exceed 1 time, and other grades must not exceed 2 times per semester.

Excessive exams will become the burden of students. The Ministry of Education presents schools to reduce the number of exams, helping students lose weight. After reducing the number of tests, students can use more time to use more time for morality and improve overall quality. At the same time, it can also reduce the teacher for teachers. Because there are too many teachers' burden, if the school takes the test results as the main criteria for evaluation teachers, the test will make the teacher's pressure greater. The far size chair believes that the school organizes the test is an effective way of inspecting the teaching results of teachers, and the student learning effect is effective, but the exam will easily let students have pressure. If the difficulty of the examination does not make clear requirements, the difficulty of the test questions of some schools can not exclude the difficulty of testing the exam, but not only the test results are not ideal, and the students have stress, but also increase the burden on the student. It can be seen that how to standardize the school exam needs more detailed solutions

In order to protect the eyesight of adolescents, teachers and parents should attach great importance to students' eye health, promptly remind and correct students read and write postures, help students develop good reading and writing habits, control electronic products, and reduce extracurricular learning. Burst, insist on performing vision protection education, etc., to ensure that myopia prevention and control work is implemented.

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