ZW32-40.5 35kV column vacuum circuit breaker profile size diagram - installation diagram

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ZW32-40.5 / 630A column high voltage vacuum circuit breaker parameters - Shaanxi Taikai High-pressure Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

For the rated voltage of 12kV, three-phase AC 50Hz outdoor high voltage distribution equipment. Mainly used to open, the load current, overload current, and short circuit current in the power system. Applicable to the use of protective and control in the power distribution system of the substation and the industrial and mining enterprises, is more suitable for the renovation of urban, rural power grid construction and frequent operation.

Spring reservoir operating mechanism, manual operation, electric operation, and remote control separation brake operation. The separation of separation off can be applied to the side of the circuit breaker to form an outdoor high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker, an outdoor high-pressure isolation, and an increase in visible isolation, and has a reliable interlock operation. According to the user requirements, it is an ideal device that integrates an AC high-pressure vacuum automatic repeater, an automatic segmentation, and self-provided power supply, and an automated power supply. The high-voltage voltage transformer is used in the structure, and the mounting can be installed. ZW32-12G / 1250-20, ZW32-12 series column outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is three-phase AC 50Hz, outdoor high voltage switching equipment for the rated voltage of 12kV. Suitable for start-up, overload current, and short-circuit currents that are turned off, also engaged in urban or rural distribution systems. The circuit breaker is a new miniaturized design, fully enclosed structure, unique extinguishing chamber package technology, good sealing performance, moisture-proof, anti-condensation, suitable for high temperature moisture areas. ZW32-12G circuit breaker isolation switch combination electrical appliance is composed of two major parts of the ZW32 circuit breaker.

ZW32-40.5 / 630A column high pressure vacuum circuit breaker use environment

1, altitude: ≤ 2000m and below;

2, surrounding air temperature: upper limit + 30 ° C, lower limit - 40 ° C;

3, the wind pressure does not exceed 700Pa (equivalent to wind speed 34m / s);

4, amplitude: abdominal violent vibration;

5, anti-fouling grade III

ZW32-40.5 / 630A column high pressure vacuum circuit breaker switch structure characteristics

1. The circuit breaker adopts three-phase pillar structure, has the characteristics of intermittent performance, combustion and explosion, maintenance, small size, light weight and long life.

2, the circuit breaker uses a fully enclosed structure, the sealing performance is good, helps to improve moisture, anti-condensation, especially suitable for use in cold or humid.

3, three-phase pillar and current transformer adopt an inlet outdoor epoxy resin solid insulation, or an indoor epoxy resin exotic silicone rubber solid insulation; it has the characteristics of high and low temperature, ultraviolet resistance, and aging.

4, the operation mechanism adopts a small spring operating mechanism, the energy storage motor is small, low energy consumption; the mechanism transmission is used in real transmission, the number of parts is small, and the reliability is high. The actuation mechanism is placed in a sealed mechanism, solves the problem of actuator rust, and improves the reliability of the organization.

5, the score of the circuit breaker, the closing operation can be manually or electric operation and remote control operation. It can be used with the intelligent controller to achieve power distribution automation, or can form automatic overlap and segmers with the overlapping controller.

6, the circuit breaker can be mounted two-phase or three-phase current transformer, for overcurrent or short-circuit protection, or to provide a current collecting signal to the smart controller; the metering current transformer can be installed according to user requirements.

7, the circuit breaker can take the three-phase linkage isolation switch, there is obvious visible fracture in the state of isolating the off-off, and has the anti-error associated with the circuit breaker body, only at the isolation knife completely closed or completely The circuit breaker can be operated when you are. It can be contained in the absence of the prototype of the prototype, and the maintenance is convenient.

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