After Guan Yu was captured and killed by Soochow, what happened to Guan Ping, Zhou Cang, Wang Fu, and Liao Hua?

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Guan Yu is the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and the three countries are famous. Its and Zhang Fei, Liu Beiqing is deeply heavy, and when Liu Bei is, the two people have never abandoned Liu Bei, no matter in action, it is still in spiritual, it will give Liu Bei. s help.

During the process of establishing a Han Han regime, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei is to make an indelible contribution. They are also the most trusted and reliable people of Liu Bei.

As we all know, Guan Yu is later guarded in Jingzhou. Although he also flooded the Cao Jun, he was banned, Zhizhe, and he was famous in China, but Jing Yu's Jingzhou was also taken by Dongwu, and he was also killed.

In fact, when Guan Yu Town is behind Jingzhou, there have been talents and martial arts, such as Guan Ping, Zhou Cang, Wang Wei, Liaohua four will, after the Guan Yu is killed, what is the end of their four?

Guan Ping is Guan Yu's eldest son.

In the literary works, novels, Guan Ping is the righteos of Guan Yu, and he often takes the status of Guan Yu, and he has also made a partner with Liu Zhan. After exercise on the battlefield, he gradually became a general, and then attacked Jingzhou with Guan Yu.

In history, Jingzhou, Jingzhou, was taken by East Wu, Guan Yu took Guan Ping to Mai City when he went to Mai City.

Because Guan Yu is unwilling to surrender, Dongwu will kill Guan Yu, and his son is also killed together.

Zhou Zhong, the word is blessing, mentioning him, may think of the image of a big man, black sided mustache, and he is loyal to Guan Yu, often appearing in the image of guard Yu Yu.

In fact, he is the figure in the "Three Kingdoms Romance", although there is also its record in "Shanxi Admire", but there is no record in the "Three Kingdoms".

In the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", Zhou Cang has participated in the Yellow Towel Army. After the Huangjie army failed, he fell into the grass. After meeting the Guan Yu who rides a thousand miles, I started to follow Guan Yu and became a member of Guan Yu.

Guan Yu, after being killed by Dongwu, Zhou Cang learned sorrowful, he cried in Mai City. Under the sadness, he died.

Wang Wei, the country of the country, and his in the early years, he was working in Liu Wei, and after Liu Bei got into Sichuan, Wang Hao returned to Liu Bei. After Guan Yu Attack Xiangyang, he once reminded Guan Yu to guard against Dong Wu, and then built a beacon.

After being killed by Dongwu, Liu Bei hated Dongwu, so the proceeds of the military, Wang Fu also found together.

Although Liu Bei came with the big army, the result was the defeat in the battle of Yiling, which not only caused Liu Bei, so the disease is not dealt, and the Han Han is also injured.

Among them, Wang Hao also killed in this war.

It is said that Liaohua may think of "there is no big night, Liaohua is a pioneer", although it is said, but the ability of Liaohua in history is still very strong, not what ordinary.

Liaohua was a main book under Guan Yu. Dongwu hit Jingzhou, and when he killed the feathers, Liaohua was also income from East Wu.

Although Liaohua was captured, he was loyal to Han, and he really want to return to Han, so he will be killed. Dongwu's believe is true, Liaohua escaped back to Han Han.

When Liu Bei saw Liao Xian, I was very happy, and he sealed him for the Qidu County.

After the death of Liu Bei, Liu Ji passed, Liao Huheng was awarded to the army, and he was also for Guangwu Tuo, Yinquan.

In 259 AD, Liaohuaheng is a rider of the right car, and the leadership of the state of the state, the hometown. At this time, his official position and Zhang Wing, etc., there was such a sentence "there was Wang Ping, hook, then there was Liaohua, Zhang Yi."

In 263 AD, Cao Wei Zhen, soon Liu Zen surrendered, and Yan Han was destroyed.

After the death of Shu Han, Liaohua moved to Luoyang, but in the way to Luoyang, he died because of the death.

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