Extenders' Online Financial Offers ResIgned

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On May 11th, the exciting network (002174.sz) released an announcement that has received a written resignation of the financial director fee, resigned from the financial officers for the career development, and after the resignation, Feiqing will not be in the tour. Other Duty.

It is reported that Fei Qing has served as a project manager in Shanghai Zhonghua Certified Public Accountants, Shanghai Voyage Service Company served as a financial manager, Shanghai Wen Guang Interactive TV Co., Ltd. served as a senior financial manager; April 2016 - July 2018, Ren Shanghai New Cultural Media Group Co., Ltd. Financial Director; August 2018, December 2019, Ren Shanghai Tianchao Advertising Communication Co., Ltd., Chief Financial Officer; In December 2019, Joining Youxin Network Co., Ltd., 2020 on February 29, The Financial Office of Renjun WAS Served.

At the same time, according to the announcement, the exciting network expressed the employment of the financial officer as soon as possible, before this, the chairman Jufenfen's duties were issued. It is worth noting that the self-tourism network controlling shareholders, real- controlled people Linqi, "turmoil", chairman, general manager and finance director compensate. On February 24, the exciting network release announcement said that Linqi's ex-wife Xu Fenfen is a chairman, a legal representative, and the director Chen Fangren.

As of May 11, The Exciting Network Received 15.45 Yuan / Share, DOWN 0.90%.

(This article is for reference ", does not constitute Investment Advice, According to this Operational Risk)

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