Merison Chairman Departs from The Chairman of Sun Company, China Chengtong Holding Group GROUP

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On May 11th, Merrid Cloud (000815.SZ) released an announcement says that on May 10, 2021, I received a written resignation report submitted by Chairman Liu Yului, after the application of the reasons, the director, and after leaving No longer serve AS Any Duty of the United States.

It is reported that Liu Yuli once served as the fourteenth year of China's Fourth Metallurgy Construction Co., Ltd., deputy, deputy manager of Guangdong Guangxin Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager of China Paper Investment Co., Ltd ., Yueyang Forest Paper Financial Director, etc .. He is currently a deputy general manager of Beijing Chengxi Investment Co., Ltd. Chairman, China Chengtong Ecological Co., Ltd., September 5, 2019, Renmei Yun Chairman, not holding Meri Cloud Shars.

According to data, Meiyun is a state-owned holding listed company, mainly engaged in paper business, data center business, and photovoltaic business. Real-control artificial China Cheng Cong Holding Group Co., Ltd., whose wholly-owned subsidiary Beijing Xing Chengwang Industrial Co., Ltd. is the first shareholder and directly holds 20.86%. It is worth noting that on November 22, 2020, Liu Yuli's new chairman of China Chengtong Ecological Co., Ltd. is China Cheng Tong Holding Group Sun Company.

As of May 11th, the United States is 4.93 yuan / share, rising 0.01 yuan / share or 0.20%, the market value reached 3428 billion yuan, the value of the peak market value of 17.827 billion yuan in 2016, shrinking 80.77%.

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