Xiaopeng P5 Is The World's First Mass-Productued Lidar Smart Car

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Xiaopeng Automobile officially released the third car - P5, the main "technology life" concept, providing more cost-effective and playable options. Models include:

1) The space is large: with the slope of P7, highlight "beauty", the P5 model is more fully utilized, and the "technology life" concept is mainly. P5 rear housing can reach 167mm, as a space of the A-class car, has a space of approximately B.

2) Visibility: P5 increases sleep mode and projector, car refrigerator, Daxin drone MAVIC2 PRO and other optional hardware, meet user rest and entertainment needs.

3) The start price is low: the official price of the model is not released, according to the P5 model positioning, we expect its entry price to be in 200,000, the higher intelligent configuration is high due to the cost of laser radar, the price may be 20 10,000 yuan. P5 as the world's first mass production laser radar smart car, Xiaopeng does not limit smart driving technology in high-end markets, and chooses to sink emerging technology, let more users have a more comfortable driving experience, driving electric vehicles The penetration rate is further improved.

Xiaopeng P5 front

Xiaopeng P5 side

Intelligent hardware continues P7 route, increasing two laser radar. In terms of smart driving, Xiaopeng continues to increase the laser radar along the sensor and hardware and software plan of P7, placed on the left and right side of the front of the front, and the steering scenario (main role or visual), help XP3.5 system Realize the NGP function of urban roads. According to the company's release, the laser radar mounted by the P5 will provide LIVOX, which will, with double laser radar to achieve a horizontal perspective of 120 degrees, equivalent 144 lines, and the detection distance is 150 meters. In addition to equipped with 2 laser radar, Xiaopeng P5 continues P7 sensor design, equipped with 12 ultrasonic sensors, 5 millimeter wave radar, 13 cameras, 1 set of high-precision positioning units (GNSS navigation system + IMU inertial measuring unit Officially said that the vehicle order will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 21 years, which represents Xiaopeng P5 will become the world's first mass production smart driving car with laser radar.

Xiaopeng P5 model size comparison

Xiaopeng P5 and Tesla Model3 intelligent configuration contrast

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