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With the speed of life, sometimes the work pressure is relatively large, after get off work, I like to open the computer to play "hardcore" game solution, "hardcore" as a gligated warhead operation The plot game, the perfect cooperation in the game and keyboard can bring a good game experience, to this, I upgraded the mouse, started the Raybai game mouse VT960, who was recently launched by Leibai, let's take a look at this mouse.   Express.

After Opening The Box, You Can See The Accessories of The Product: a Game Mouse, a connection line, a Wireless Receiver, a Converted Head and A Quick Way Manual.

Leibai Game Mouse VT960 uses a hollow shape, not only to reduce the weight of the product, but also bring a good visual experience, the body uses dark gray aluminum alloy and bright black acrylic material, these two materials match, let the product More mysterious .

Let's take a look at the front-end design of this game mouse.   The roller of the mouse uses the pattern design, and more feels in the operation.   A rhombic DPI adjustment button is designed behind the roller.   This mouse supports 7 DPI adjustments, up to 16000DPI values.   This mouse also designs a fan-shaped OLED display that shows the work status of the mouse in real time, or you can display custom text and pictures, so that the mouse becomes your unique operating tool.

The left and right buttons of the Lei Bac game mouse VT960 uses a symmetrical design.   Two buttons have built-in Omron 50 million times micro-motion switch, which can keep a crisp click and rebound when pressing buttons, resulting in a relatively comfortable experience .  .

The rearpron of the Leber Game Mouse VT960 uses high-strength aluminum alloy material, integrated forming process plus surface matte paint treatment process, so that it is very textured when using the mouse, it can be quickly dissipated.   The Logo of Leibai also printed on The latsecouch, and the post apron is not so monotonous.

The Leibai Game Mouse VT960 has been used from the perspective of environmental protection, and the 600mAh lithium battery has been built, and the wireless mouse is used to use the lead battery.   A USB-C charging port is designed at the front end of the Mouse.   Under The Type-C Trend, You CAN Share A Data Cable with MOST Smart Products, And Use It To Carry Or Delibelely Carry The Charging Cable.

The key to the Lei Bai game mouse VT960 is located at the bottom of the mouse and can be used gently to switch the switch.   At the bottom of the three corners, the foot stickers design was used, so that the mouse played a good non -slip effect.   The PMW3389 invisible light professional game sensor is used at the bottom of the mouse, which can accurately capture, rapid sensing,

and real-time feedback to each step, bringing the ultimate game operation.

Leibai Game Mouse VT960 supports wired and wireless connectivity, nylon weaving cables, USB receivers and USB receiver bases can achieve wired and wireless use of conversions, better adapt to various computers.

When you open the Mouse VT960 using the Lebai Game, the OLED screen began to display the mouse's working parameters, and the DPI value of the mouse can also be visible.   The bright acrylic on the mouse inside the waterfall can highlight the Lake LOGO, the Mouse Has A Built-in 168.  8-Color RGB Backlight System, So That The Mouse Is More Colorful.

Download the driver of the Raybo Game Mouse VT960 in the computer side, in the drive software, you can personalize the mouse, you can personalize the speed of the CPI gear of the mouse, so that the use of the mouse is more suitable for yourself .

In the drive software, the light-efficient settings can be performed, and the backlight effect can be set, and the selection of thousands of RGB colors can also be provided, allowing personalization settings to be more and more.

Support the OLED screen display design, support text, and image display in the drive software, first design a text display to see the effect, you can see that the text can be displayed well on the screen, and the text display size can be adjusted According to Personal Preferences.

The OLED screen display also supports the picture display.   I chose a personal anime portrait, and the picture supports the BMP format.   The pixels are not high when the display is displayed, and black color is also supported.

When using the mouse, in the grip of the mouse, the shape of the mouse can be combined with the hand.   The mouse hollow design and after the apron design of aluminum alloy, so that there is a cool feeling when holding the mouse, and IT is not Afraid That The Mouse Hand Sweats for a long time.

Not much to say, the game is getting up, no matter the shortcut to the left button or the shortcuts on the side of the mouse, the bullet will be quickly connected, and the mouse can also change the direction of the shooting in the mouse , And Play Itself.   The Technology Has Improved a LOT.

Finally, it is simple to summarize the shape of the Leibai game mouse VT960, not only make it good value, but also have a good feeling when holding it; the mouse supports 7-speed DPI value adjustment, can freely adjust according to the game requirements; OLED screen The combination of the RGB backlight system is displayed, so that the mouse is more technically technically; the mouse or so the button and the shortcut are mixed, so that the mouse operation is more smooth However, the OLED screen screen.   Is Displayed in The Picture Display, The Pixel Needs To BE IMPROFED.

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