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As a fact that this is "Hua Yan Jing" tells us that it is the most important way to get freedom of life and euthanas.

Chapter 6 The Three Views of Huayan——The Secret Door of Great Ease

01 decrypt the mystery of physical and mental operation

Because of some of the physical and mental structures, there is a big problem in our knowledge - too much to believe in the eyes of the eyes and the brain, as the knowledge arising from the two continues to enhance, so that we can only see In the phenomenon, it can't see the essence. For example, we have seen a very beautiful body, in fact, I only see its philanthrops; we feel a very happy feeling, this is also a phenomenon. At the same time, we will persist in happiness, I hope it's not going to leave us. If we don't leave, we will continue to absorb as sponges; if we leave, we will chase.

Our heart attached concept, famous sayings, accompanied by now popular fashion. Few people see this fashion for our physical and mental health, and even the body and mind, just a blind, because a blind heart.


Why can't we fully understand a lot of rules and concepts? Among them, we hinder the biggest feelings. Feeling may be the only one of our human being alive, special hopes. It is very complicated, can be manufactured, trifted, analyzed and judged. Everyone in each person is not happy, but because there are many subjective, reverse cognition, what is done, but they want to go back.

If we have a heart analysis, it will find that everything is working along this mode. The big brain can't see the outside world, can only give yourself to your eyes. The eyes shot an image, reporting the phenomenon to the brain, the brain produces a feeling, immediately launching the whole body organism. Is it accepting this feeling or rejection, escaping or confrontation, the big brain is very mechanical, quickly judge in the way you are habits - either hate, either greed, this is "thinking."

The moment we see is called "color", "color" forms an image in the brain, and also forms a "feeling" - happy or unhappy, corresponding to "want" or "don't want", So "I want to" now. When "thinking" has not been thoroughly understood, "Action" has made system cells to prepare for the emergency.

In a moment, our body and mind have a complete set of operations in color, suffering, think, and in the line. Subsequent brain as an empirical store in the information base, what problems appear next time, immediately follow the last experience to take these data to fight. Because of color, neck, think, line, I am constantly continuing a mistake in an instant, let us always know what life is beautiful and solemn.

02 story of monkeys  

We are like the monkeys, the first idea of the monkeys is "Bane Valley is very fragrant", this is the driving force behind it, and when you are in the god Valley, you will see a lot here, so I want "I have some". " When it is a lot ofalready can't hold, I feel that there are a lot in front, put these first, I will go. "

The monkey can't see what is in the buddy and the Valley and the Horses Valley. When it takes these , the consciousness will strongly want to continue the last chance, walk toward the last direction. "Last time I got it in the Gaogu, I still go this time." But the winter is coming, the monkey does not know the time, because it has changed, when it comes to here, there is no Valley in the ground. It is very sad because the past memories have played.

Monkeys don't know why they feel hurt, and I forgot to initially want to maintain the normal thermal energy of life. It is like we have a stilt on the ground and can be removed right away. If it is planned, traces will be more deep, but it can still be removed. But when we use a knife to start with a stone on the stone, you will never be erased.

This is the thinking mode of our brain, which is the fundamental power of memory to experience the source of memory. It takes only a table to the outside world to complete the task collected. This is what we are not sure, nor is the physical and mental segmentation of a channel.

03 pursuit of feelings, is the root of our pain  

When we got it, we adapt to the stimulus of hormones, but also want to have more; when we lose, we have no taste, feel very empty, don't know what to do. In order not to let this type of air occupy your own heart, we will continue to find excitement, as if you can find the feeling of living.

Therefore, life is really a deep than the sea, no one can leave the life. Our lives are dependent on external causes, never pay attention to life ontology, do not believe in life, or we don't believe that life is not needed. We will find that the baby is always very happy, and his mouth is always a smile, very happy. This is this reason, everyone will like it very much.

However, when a life is constantly being misplaced in a constant changing cause, no one can understand the cause of this change, and can not find out the way, can only feel unlimited pain in the moment. One day overnight, as if it is thousands of deaths.

In Dharma, hell's life is so, very painful - can't stand the fainting, die, once again hold the bronze column that is burned by fire, once again pursue the feelings, once again evaporated, the body is combined, heart again Another fainting and waking up ... This kind of awareness is that it is the law of the material world, because our heart cannot be independent, so it can only follow the climax and low tide of the world, constantly dance with it.

We all use substance thinking to establish a cognition of life, judge the payment, and the future, this is a real phenomenon.

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