Jimmy Speed Dry Cleaning Machine, Children Can Easily Mop The Floor At Home

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My child is more than one year old. When I will go, I encountered one thing, I'm very uncomfortable and self-blaming. I don't know if you have experienced. Anyway, I have experienced very sad and blamed, one year old. A person seeing the child is particularly tired at home, the child sleeps during the day, I will always fall asleep, and I will sleep with the child in the morning, so I don't have time to play, I think that he is playing there, it should not Running, I can drag the floor, do the housework, the result, I just took the living room, when I was going to drag else, the result was that he came over, etc., he would slap, slipped, Wow, you cry, you gave him a shot, and you will be fine. As a result, he did not remember again, came over to find you, and slammed it. So I have special self-blame, I feel that these can avoid hurting the child, I have hurt my child twice, so I never wake up when the child wakes up.

Previously, I used a vacuum cleaner for a while. I used to feel smart to suck some dry garbage, and like those wet, sticky on the ground, it is not good, but I have to drag it. There is a wash, it is finished. After still walking on the floor, I will leave the panel or leave the footprints on the ground. I have to have trouble, so this two things have been put there. Gray. And my husband has recently said that he saw a magical online. I can't leave him after using it.

He is a tool integrating dust, mopping, and wiping functions and saving time and effort, and domestic famous Lake Electric's brand Jimmy Jimmy launched the domestic first quick-drying washing machine X8.

First, look at the outer packaging, use the kraft paper packaging, the name of this brand, and the product name, and product name, there is a major characteristics of the product, the fixed point spray, washed. Open the package can see that the fuselage and accessories are all fixed in the box through the foam to prevent shaking and damage during transportation.

Open the outer packaging, there is a fuselage and handle (through the wire connection), there is a charging seat, power adapter, cleaning brush, battery, and instruction manual, simply look at the instructions, you can simply install the completion.

The entire machine can be seen is roughly divided into three parts: handle, body zone, and roller.

Only all the buttons are included on the handle, the top is the key, the work indicator, and the regulation key, and the two front keys can be directly touched with the thumbs up when the two front keys are active. The spray button, the spray button is just in the inside of this handle, and it can be operated directly with the index finger as the gun, and the operation is particularly simple. Don't change your hand, to the hand.

The core of this quick-drying machine, the key part of the critical part, the front is the display area of the display, which can see the electricity, gear position, and the sewage box water, the water tank is short of water, and the self-cleaning instructions.

There is a detachable sewage tank and release button on the lower side of the front side, the capacity of the sewage tank is 0.35L, there is a maximum sewage storage scale tick on the sewage box, and the sewage can be removed, and the sewage is removed, and the sewage is removed. Water is cleaned and then installed.

On the upper side of the upper side of the body, the battery is covered by the cover, and the battery is detachable, and the large-capacity battery of 8 * 3000mAh is equipped. The battery life can reach 30 minutes, which can satisfy the area of 200 square meters. Cleaning. For the home of ordinary apartment, there is no problem with the entire house.

The lower side is a 0.45L clear water tank. There is a water tank / water outlet at the bottom of the water tank. There is a rotating cover on the mouth, and there is a maximum water scale tick on the clear water tank. The shape is like an kettle from the previous one.

At another look, it is similar to the feeling of rolling body and the vacuum cleaner. There is a sprinkler in front. If you encounter a wasteless garbage, you can spray water, you can make it easy to clean it with a roller. It can be seen that the plastic roll window can be seen that the roller is used with polyester composite fabric, with better water absorption and wear resistance, and convenient to disassemble cleaning.

The rear of the roller has two rubber-made rollers, which can be rotated by wheels to drive the roller rotation, and the movement of the driver is convenient to move.

There are also specializable charging bases to accommodate hosts and charging, as well as self-cleaning.

In terms of use, its cleaning function is also very powerful. When we are using, if the ground is dirty, you can put a small amount of scrubber in the water, it is worth mentioning that the dedicated scrubber is given here. Let's take a look at his actual function,

Turn on the machine, feeling, and individual vacuum cleaners is a bit different. This seems to have any power is pushing this speed dryer, and we only use it to hold the direction,

I tested it in the skin of tonar, and there is a function of small paper, and you can easily succeed, like your child's yogurt! Soy sauce, these aqueous things can also be easily set, and it is very dry, there is no water print, even if you go, there is no footprints.

Then there is another function of the charging seat to be clean, first put the sewage in the sewage box, then place the fuselage to turn the power on the charging base and press the speed button for 3 seconds to automatically open the self-cleaning function, which is obvious It can be seen that the roller has been slowly white, this function is that I have seen it in other washing machines, which makes us really liberate hands.

As for the cleanliness of the sewage, it is also very convenient, directly removed, and then cleans the filter element inside, and then you can continue to use, very aspect.

to sum up:

This quick-drying machine is the current real liberation of the company I have seen. It is a gospel of our lazy cancer. The sanitation in the family has it, it can be fully available. And I can also wanted to drag the ground at any time, keep the ground clean. Children can also play casually at home.

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