LIU RENGUI, A FAMOUS OFFICIAL in Tang Dynasty, How Did He get li shimin's appreciation?

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Speaking of Liu Ren, many people may have heard his name. This is no wonder that in the early Tang, the Wenchen Wenxie is too much, especially Li Shimin, to the commemoration of the many people who play the world to play in the Lingboge, a portrait of the twenty-sector.

However, there is no Liu Ren with Liu Ren, who is him? How did I get the appreciation of Li Shimin?

Liu Ren is a piece of field. He is born in a poor, hobbies, just writing books as long as you have time. Even if the wolf's smoke, the end of the peasant, the peasant peaks do not affect him.

After the establishment of Datang, he was in the hands of the ambassador of Henan Road, and once he had a state of drapes, Liu Ren has amended it, so that he saw his talent, so he asked him to join the army, Liu Ren This is only to step on the bus.

Since then, the development of Liu Ren is not shocked, it is unmounted, and his official position has not improved. It can be seen that he has not yet entered Tang Gaozong's eyes.

When I arrived in Li Shimin, he was the same, just a county area of the district. However, one thing that happened, let Li Shimin remembers him.

At that time, in the Chen Cang County of his, there was a discount of Lu Ning. This person is arrogant and illegally, and many county officials can't manage him.

It can be biased by Liu Ren, because Lu Ning's illegal, Liu Ren has directly put him. At first, Li Shimin was still very angry, directly recruited him to the court. I didn't expect Liu Ren to answer: "Lu Ning insulted me, I killed him."

From this time, Li Shimin remembered him and appreciated him. He also promoted him as the county, and later tired of it.

But in fact, during the period in the period, Liu Ren is not high during the period, and the influence is not big.

Due to his character, he also gave him a lot of people, during the Tang Gaozong, he was degraded as a history of Qingzhou because of his sinner.

At this time, Tang Gaozong sent troops to show Baekje, and Liu Ren is willing to supervise the sea. But the one before he had proclaimed him, and as a result, the fleet was strong, and the death and injury were serious. He is also there to be in the end, with a civilian.

However, after he was promoted, then directly replaced the left guard Zhongmang will Wang Wenxia. After the Tang Dynasty conquered Baji, Liu Ren was promoted to the school with the state of the state, left behind.

Long Shuo three years (663), Japan participated in, Liu Renba immediately took the battle, the famous Baijiangkou battle broke out. After the war, Liu Ren has become a normal naval name in the history of Chinese war.

After the teacher returned to China, his official position continued to increase, but also became a prime minister. But he belongs to the lack of arrogance, after several DPRK, finally the people, this is not easy.

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