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Material Number: 1.4034

Send Number: X46CR13

Standard: DIN 17400

● Features and Applications:

X46CR13, German Stainless Steel.

● Chemical Composition:

Carbon C: 0.43 ~ 0.50

Silicon Si: ≤1.00

Manganese MN: ≤1.00

PhoSphorus P: ≤0.045

Sulfur s: ≤0.030

Chromium CR: 12.50 ~ 14.50


Nickel Ni: -

Vanadium v: -

Ni: Ni is a strong austenite forming element, sufficiently high Ni content ensures that steel is completely bustic during heating, and the subsequent cooling process is transformed into whole martensite, but Ni is more expensive N :. N is a strong mastin forming element, sufficiently high N content ensures that steel is completely biscitated during heating, and the subsequent cooling process is converted to the plums, and N is higher than the solubility in Austenite. C, less precipitate in the heat treatment, and N can improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel at the same time in the heat treatment B :. b is small in diameter, often in the form of unbalanced bias in the austenite, reducing the grain boundary energy, making ferrin core difficulties, austenite stability, thereby improving steel The hardenability CAN prevent the formation of δ ferrite and α ferrite soft phase.

Required annealing inner welding is peripheral polishing, sulfur is the harmful debris in steel, and steel containing a higher sulfur is at high temperature stopping the pressure, simply fell, usually called heat. Stainless steel carving, second-hand housing shop sampling statistics also appeared , Minglang Shanghai second-hand housing stainless steel pink decoration tube price market group has dropped, the first buyer holiday is going out, sacrifice, store P See and sign the contract. At the same time, the pressure of the upper and iron ore is high, and the steel demand speed is slower due to the economy, and my country's steel investment is year-on-year 7. The steel practical speed is also falling ;. it is to the bag-free ore, coal Important consumption is in .

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