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I shared everyone about the post of mathematics two in the art of mathematics. I would like to record the video for everyone. Today, I will share the preparation experience arrangements for English II, and how an engineering student takes 80 points of this nice fraction.

First of all, I will talk about my own situation. I have been taken 4 times in my University English, and I finally lost. The sixth level test three times and has been a little bit. But English still has a good score, it can be seen that there is no need to contact between the 46th and postgraduate English. Don't be discouraged, I haven't been discouraged before, I haven't had the previous senior school, and I haven't taken 70 points in English. I finally across the shore 211, so as long as I learn, English can still be learned. Next, I will tell you about my preparation arrangements according to time and the subject.

First talk about the words. I believe that the back word is definitely the most important thing about this subject. There are many ways to the terms online, such as what root law, losing idea. There are also many famous teachers who have a word class, including a lot of teachers I like. Say here, since there are these lesson stories or use, of course, as an engineering student, I have my own words. In my entire English preparation stage, I didn't look at the word video class, because I think it's really too waste time to see if the video class is too waste, it may take 4, 50 minutes, you will watch 20 words, I haven't remembered it, I remember the segment of some teachers. Regarding the word book, although I bought Zhu Wei's love word 5500, I saw it for a month, I gave up, because this book was very well written, but every time I wanted to back words, I have to take it. , I am trouble, hahahaha, Zhu Wei is sorry, but I recommend this book here, I feel that the world is writing very well, I 21 postgraduate, this book, because Zhu Wei came out Single, there is another version of the New Oriental, that is not written by Zhu Wei.

For classmates who don't want to read books, I can try my own way. I have only used a software on this word. You can set your plan according to your own arrangements. Worth five stars! ! ! I simply saved the engineering students who didn't go in the word. It is the word, I have used a hundred words before, I don't recommend everyone here. General effect.

When I was the first time in the previous period, it was 50 left and right words every day. I was back to my life. I want to die. I have to spend more than an hour. After the second time I follow the third time, I will spend the time. Less, when I was one or two months, I was reviewed 400 words a day. After the preliminary foundation, it was simply flying in the same speed for about 15 minutes, and I didn't dare to believe, I It is to bring all the words words, and there are at least 7 times. Here is given to everyone, the prove is definitely not a saying.

Personally think the word is a hard-working process. As an English student, I can, I believe everyone can, and finally say, insist that it is important! ! ! I dare to say this word, absolutely spent half of my English subject, the last result is also seen.

The second one I want to say is to read this topic. This topic also spends me a lot of time. I recommend two items here for you. Very easy to use! ! ! I read only one thing! First, the Bible of this examination, one is the truth of the examination. The two books of these books and analytics I think it is the best in the market, kills the yellow book! ! ! The entrance examination truth is the true question of English, the examination of the Bible is the true question of English, about reading, I don't think there is no need to brush the mold, the true question is complete enough. I have been brushing in 2000, I have been brushing two times. I have been brushing three times in 2000. I have been simulated for two years. The simulation is also 80 points. It seems very accurate, hahaha. English III classmates can first post the basic articles of the Bible, which is simpler. Read is one of the days, absolutely can't be lazy! ! Keep your feel! ! Maybe the right rate will be terrible, but it will be fine as the single word will be on.

Regarding the video class, I strongly recommend Tang Chi's reading class video, but everyone is best to watch the previous video, Tang teacher is still very thin, hahahaha, hahahahaha, then he said very much Passion, now he is going out and feels not so good, very dull! Teacher Tang's reading class is simply opened a door! ! ! Especially emotional colors! ! Not much here, everyone goes to see it.

Composition, about the composition I believe that I am a boss for my worker, so I chose the back! ! ! In the final examination, it is simply a cloud, one, hahahaha. The small essay I recommend Wang Jiangtao's postgraduate study English high-score writing, and the 10 articles he recommend directly. Master, my back is the final three-page paper, I think it is useful. Where to buy, this can ask the teacher's brothers and sisters, absolutely know, it is inconvenient here, I will know later, hahahaha.

I slowly slowly from the beginning, so everyone will be essays, so be early, so that you can flexibly, after all, your back is not the original question, you have to write more yourself later! ! !

Finally, I also read Liu Xiaoyan's video class in other subjects. I also bought a book, but in fact, I don't think it is not big for me. If you want to learn grammar, you can buy it, and Teacher Liu is more Transparent. I recommend a teacher, a teacher, a teacher, a teacher, is a new Oriental Wang Yi teacher, maybe you will feel that he is a mother, hahaha, but finally say, it is a bit mean ~ It's good. ~ Hahahaha. Translation I recommend Tang Jing teacher, I feel that the deserved translation first, you can look at his video, you don't have to buy, hahaha. His Weibo has a daily translation, you can practice every day.

I said that the reason for the number of words is not very meticulous, but the probably used book and the teacher's video class are said. Everyone will definitely don't have a problem according to this, and I will show you a video. I wish you all 22 postgrads!

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