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With the importance of social media and online public relations in digital marketing, marketers are quickly adjusting their budget, reporting methods, and investing their own and profit media to attract their customers. But how should I adjust? Here, you should first understand the difference between paid self-owned media and profit media.

Investment in the media is usually divided into three media "buckets", that is, earn, shared, and paying, each type of "bucket", has the opportunity to influence customers, and these media types are not "new" type. But "new" content is, even in the past paid media, it has always dominated, but at the same time, the self-owned media and profit media have received more and more attention.

This is a positive initiative because it has some problems, which is best to measure social media returns and set investment in the right level.

In some industries, marketers or vendors may tend to put more attention to more costly payload media or low-cost and own media, but can be based on advertising series. The target selects a specific media / channel.

Definition of paid media, profit media and self-owned media

Paying media

To make it easy, pay or purchase media refers to a media that can be paid, exposed to or transformed by search, display advertising network, or member marketing for visitors paying, contacting or transforming investments. Line under traditional media, such as printing and television advertising, and direct mail, still accounting for an important source of spending, accounting for a large part of the payment media spending.

2. Profit media

Traditionally, profit media is a media that is propaganda by public relations. Its purpose is to attract influential people to increase the visibility of the brand. Of course, this is still an investment. Profit media also includes reputation that can be stimulated through social media marketing, as well as social networks, blogs, and other communication.

The profit media is deemed to have been developed by different types of partners, such as developers, bloggers, and other impacts including customer advocates, which is greatly beneficial to us understanding profit media. At the same time, profit media can also be regarded as different forms of dialogue that occurred underline and line.

3. Self-owned media

This medium is a brand self-owned media. Online self-owned media include our own website, blog, mobile app, and brand yourself on Facebook, Linked IN or Twitter social accounts. Offline self-owned media may include brochures, leaflets, and offline retail stores.

In a sense, the brand can be seen by the media. Because it is an alternative investment in other media, and it provides opportunities to promote using similar advertising or editing products to other media. At the same time, it can also emphasize that all media must become multi-channel issuers.

These three media provide many methods and channels for today's digital marketing. Like us, it is recommended that brand or manufacturers plan their goals and then go deep into the media world. While developing vendors or brands, the development of clear digital marketing objectives will help brand or manufacturers better from peers and agents. In addition, if brand or manufacturers need to extend the payload media budget, you need to have clear reasons, and plan can help you provide numbers to support this goal.

Paid media, profit media, self-owned media thinking

There is actually overlapping between the three different types of media that have just been told. Brands or manufacturers need to pay attention to this. Because this overlap is required, you need to integrate the advertising series, resources and infrastructure throughout the multi-channel marketing strategy.


A popular multi-channel marketing strategy, including planning, decomposing, and sharing other payment and profitable media types on content centers or websites. With a suitable budget, the activity can even be supported by the API, so that marketers are freed from cumbersome work. Obviously, multi-channel marketing is the key to the release of all functions of the media content.

Media investment: content allocation matrix

When choosing media investments, content distribution matrix tools can help brand or manufacturers to assess payloads based on investment value, self-owned media and profit media selection.

It can be used to review the effectiveness of existing media investments according to your goals or consider future investment.

Of course, the media world is rapidly, but the media change is predicted to continue to reduce noise and attract customers, still worth it. This is the current four matrices, brands or manufacturers can adjust according to their internal status:

Low yield, low return on investment;

High yield, low return on investment;

Small batch, high investment return rate;

High yield, high investment returns;


Brand experience for paying self-owned profit media

Summary Brands The current method of paying self-owned profit media is a powerful technology that can be used as part of market analysis of market strategies.


Media marketing in today's digital environment

All in all, although these media types are not new things, digital marketers are definitely preheating for their own and profitable media types, and the opportunity to pay media. Brands or manufacturers can use chart / matrices to plan media activities and make reasonable media combinations based on marketing plans.

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