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First, briefly introduce your own situation, I am 21 postgraduate studies. At present, I have already admitted to a 211st university in the southwest of the shore. I feel that there are many experience in the initial preparation process. I can share it with my schoolmates here. You can look at me. Experience, avoiding the arm, take less detours. My total passed the 415, political 72, English II 80, Mathematical II 123, Signal and System 140, the following picture, indicating that I am, absolutely not a mechanism, hahaha

Next, let's talk about mathematics, because every year, I believe it is a subject that makes everyone 's headache. I am a learning department. It is more likely to be mathematics, but it is good, and the postgraduate school is still a good study. Method, otherwise I really have a cry. Second, there must be a purposeful choice of tutoring books and video classes. I am doing any counseling classes I have learned. I will have a tutoring book according to the actual situation. Of course, I have also stepped on the thunder, and I will follow the timeline I prepared. Speaking of my arrangement and what kind of video classes have been used.

From February 28th, at the end of April: this stage is the basis stage. At this stage, I looked at Tongji high on a week. I feel that it is actually a small role in me, there is a little bit of basic. You can use it directly, and the counseling book can be used in conjunction with the exercise question, you can enter the status at the beginning, here I recommend you to the counseling and exercises I use. These two books run through my entire initial stage, strongly recommended to everyone, absolutely worth five stars! ! ! ! !

In the past two months, I was a basic question of the review of the book and 1800 questions while watching the basic class of Teacher Wu Zhongxiang. Here again to emphasize the book about review, this book is really very good! ! ! I haven't seen 4 times the whole whole whole whole process. I have a classmate to use the AUG's foundation 30 or 18, accompanying 1000 questions. Of course, I also bought 18 speaking, and I also watched two times, I didn't demonstrate that there is a difficult problem with the title of Yu Ge, the newcomer is just the words of the book, the big probability is to do it. At that time, I saw this time when I said, hahaha.

From the end of May to the end of June: I started the learning of linear algebra, I only used a tutor in the entire process of linear algebra, it was the linear algebra of Teacher Li Yongle, I can responsible It is absolutely able to kill all the lines of all the lines in the world! ! ! Yu Ge, Tang teacher, I am sorry for you ~ with the basic class of Li Yongle, about the basic course of Li Yong, I have seen two years, including 20 years and 21, once again emphasize that Li Yongle is really very good! ! ! I was 1.5 times, because Li Yongle's speech is really a bit slow. During this time, I also looked at the line of Tang teacher's line of Line, I didn't have a bit of cloud in the mist. I finally turned back to Teacher Li's embrace. At that time, I used four words to describe it, suddenly open! During this period, the high number of continued reading questions, completed the 1800 basic questions and the first time of reviewing the book. Let's post the book, this is this book I am looking for Taobao. Everyone uses this book, and the line is completely unwind. I have been taking satisfaction!

At the end of August to August: I have done a lot of enhancement questions at this stage, and the high 18 speaking of Yu Ge, the two books let the fairy want to die ~~~ and 1800 strengthenings. Look at the matching strengthening class of Yu Ge 18, the video of the closed customs. Li Yongle, Teacher, 20 and 21, Ltd. At this stage, everyone must have a fight against loneliness. A lot of brushing questions. Say here, I don't want to buy if you don't want to test 140 points or 150 points! I was overestimating my own strength, this exercise is really a blow. Because each question of this book, each question can be used as a high pressure shaft question, absolutely deserved! The goal is not so high classmate can do 1800's enhancement questions. Say here, about doing questions, I will divide the title into three categories when doing questions, one is made by yourself. The two are their own thoughts, they will do some, but the answer can be solved. The third is that there is no short clue, and I look at the answer. This reflects the need for two brush three brush. I was that 1800 was the basic question brush 3 times, and the enhanced question brushed three times. That is to brush the second class, until you do it!

September to October: This stage should actually strengthen the stage of ending. At this stage, it should be such a state, that is, you get a question, different thinking that it belongs to that chapter, but directly. At this stage, the video class I see is actually very small. It is mainly a lot of brushing questions, brushing the question, I am brushing 32 years of true questions, not only brush, but also sum up! The book I use is the true full solution of Yu Ge, which may be relatively simple, but there is a certain difficulty since 2000. At the same time, 1800 two brush three brushes, as well as 18 lectures, review the book's subsequent posts. Linear algebra two brush three brush! ! !

In November to test, in the two months of this month, we should fully check your lack, timely replenishment, this time, various simulation questions on the market come out, I bought Tang teacher 8 Set of 4 sets of rolls of Yu Ge 4 sets, Li Yongle's 6 sets of rolls. Here, I recommend the 4 sets of Lu Lin's 4 sets of rolls, and I didn't buy it at the time of my class, I didn't buy it. I have a classmate to buy, and I finally took more than 140, it seems to have some help. Teacher Li Yongle's simulation volume can only do line generation. The analog volume of Yu Ge is really difficult, but everyone should not be discouraged. I found that there were more than 80 more than 70, and finally took more than 120, and the simulation just identified your shortcomings. No need for scores worry! Finally, I wish you all the best of the 22 postgraduate research. I will send it later about other subjects.

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