American Guangming is a 14th National Federation, is it necessary to work with Russia?

ioeinternet 22/09/2021 1701

Nowadays, the relationship between the United States and Russia has become more tense. The two sides have made a multi-wheel confrontation in sensitive issues such as Ukraine, and they also have a nervousness in the world. However, in this critical moment, the United States has announced that it will form ten The four-kid army called Russia. The United States United EU announced that the rapid response force of about 4,000 people will be established, and the goal is to deal with Russia, the war signal is extremely strong. Is the Western countries to do it in Russia? And this Russian army also made a strict warning. The Russian military said that Western countries dare to start a nuclear war. Once any country actively attacked Russia, Russia would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons.

Until today, the United States still made Russia as its own most important opponent, in many national defense policies to deal with Russia, which used NATO's pressure on Russia is an important part. In the history of the US military, we have jointly launched a lot of exercises. Many of these exercises are in Russia as a fake enemy, and even directly in Western Europe, the purpose is to press Russia, and for the United States and NATO's behavior, Russia's response is very tough, and sometimes military exercises will be held. In order to further increase the pressure on Russia, the US military recently announced that it will join in the EU countries to build a new multi-country joint forces, and the combat goal is for Russia.

The US military claimed that this multi-country coalition will be an international fast response force, and the force is about 4,000, the main goal is to quickly deal with the Russian army in Europe, prevent the Russian army from starting to make a conference on the EU. After all, the EU is a Alliances of 27 countries, once an emergency, not all countries can respond in time, and after this multi-country fast response force is built, it will be directly affiliated to NATO headquarters, so the reaction is faster, can be urgent The situation rushed to the scene to conduct actions after the situation.

In this regard, experts have analyzed that the main goal of the US military claims that this multi-country coalition is to deal with Russia, and use this excuse to obtain 14 Member States of the EU, but the ambition of the United States is not there, I know that in the current NATO, the United States occupies a near-dominant position, and if the command of this troop is attributed to the NATO headquarters, it is about to directly belong to the United States. After it is established, the United States can secretly manipulate the NATO headquarters The action of the branch, even through other means to obtain the command of this unit, and finally turn it into a military fee, which is borne by the countries, but the command is the "Foreign Corps" in the United States, which will make the United States in Europe. Force greatly improved.

In fact, the EU countries do not see the conspiracy of the United States, just unable to deal with the US pressure, after all, the strength of the European Union cannot compete with the United States, if the United States is sinned on this issue, it is difficult to protect the United States will not take it later. Sanction and other actions, therefore, the establishment of this rapid response force is about the European Union to pay the protection fee to the United States to obtain the US protection.

In general, the establishment of this rapid response force will make the strength of NATO have greatly improved, and will also make Russia to face unprecedented pressure, and the Russia also releases the gorge that is not yet, it seems that after this, US Russia The relationship between the two countries will become increasingly nervous.

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