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The Great Gatsby is a portrayal of a fascinating time in US history and the gripping and moving story is told in expressive and intricate detail. The novel has a fast-moving and riveting plot, but what appealed to the readers most was the way that the protagonist's complex Personalities Are Revealed Over The Course of The Story . Daisy has a touching vulnerability and charm, but is self-centred and shallow. and Gatsby, a fake and a liar, has a moral intSpoof rity unmatched by the characters who grew up with money It's a must-read

"The Great Gatsby" describes a wonderful period in the United States in the United States, and its exciting moving story is unfolded in expressive and intricate details. This novel is compact, fascinating, but the most attractive readers are the masses of the master's pappensibility in the process of plotting in the process of episodes. Although Daisy is beautiful, the charm is four shots. But she is both selfish and beautiful. Although Gates has hypocritical and deception, he is intSpoof rity is not enough to be in the book. So this is a must-read.

1.c to E: multi-purpose noun; Chinese subject for abstract noun English multi-process as dynamic


1 Describe ➡️A portrayal


2 Its exciting and moving story is in expressive and intricate details

➡️THE Gripping and Moving Story IS Told in Expressive and Intricate Detail

3 Multi-faceted personality gradually clear in the process of episode development

➡️THE WAY That The Protagonist'complex

Personalities Are Revealed Over The Course of The Story

2.E to C: Learn to use four-word translation; handle a component (mostly insertion, non-predicate, preposition phrase, etc.) to add a logic (especially when emphasizing comparison)


1A Fast-Moving and RiveTing Plot

The plot is compact, attractive

.②And Gatsby,a fake and a liar,has a moral intSpoof rity unmatched by the characters who grew up with money. It's

Although there is hypocritical and deception, but ...

3. The story of book story is accumulated

Gripping deductible

Expressive is full of expression

Intricate intricate

Riveset attractive

Protagonist protagonist, starring

4. The accumulation of character quality words

Chu Chu A Touching Vulnerability

Charm Charm (n.)

Selfish self-centered

Skin Shallow

a moral intSpoof rity

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