[Kitbash3D] shop building construction street facilities 3D model package

ioeinternet 23/09/2021 1725

Contains a 3D model on various shop buildings on the street, which is a separate building model, not a direct way, each model is very fine. Contains map materials, including: C4D / FBX / OBJ / MAX / Maya / Blender / Houdini / Unity / UnReal format

This 3D model collection contains complete restaurants, hotels, exhibition halls, banks, grocery stores, boutiques, theaters, museums and other 3D cities and town architectural appearance. The exterior walls of these streets can be from high-end marble entrances to graffiti wooden window - and they can customize different awnings, sign, decorative plants and other common store props according to your preference. Designed by Fabio Fernandes, Sebastian Bielecki modeling, Alexey Hrdesign is textured, cover art is made by Darren Butler.

The following is a preview map of official production

"Kitbash3D" asset package will be updated.

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