Apple's self-development 5g Baseband Will Be Used As Soon AS 2023, QUALCOMM's ProSpects Are Worrying, Mediatek Is Implicated

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Recently, Tianfeng International once again released a new research report. The "Guo Master" did not focus on the analysis of new iPhone, but analyzed the current 5G chip market. One of the points of attention is that Apple's self-research 5G baseband commercial time, Guo Mingzhen predicts in 2023, the iPhone will use the 5G baseband of self-developed. And Apple's initiative will also make a significant impact on the chip market pattern.

Apple has a long history of patent lawsuit, because Qualcomm's two-way charges, Apple also refused to pay patent fees to Qualcomm. Before the iPhone 12 series is released, Qualcomm selects the 4G baseband using Intel. Unfortunately, Intel's 4G baseband performance is not satisfactory, and various signal issues are frequent.

As 5G began to popularize, Intel's 5G baseband R & D speed could not reach Apple's request. In desperation, Apple finally chose to compromise, and reached a 6-year license with Qualcomm, which also made Apple spent $ 45-4.7 billion.

As Apple and Qualcomm reach a reconciliation, Intel is also announced to exit mobile phone baseband business. However, Apple has always wanted to get rid of the bondage of Qualcomm, build his own 5G baseband, so it costs $ 1 billion to acquire Intel's 5G business, which also has a foundation for the research and development of Apple 5G baseband. Between the 6-year agreement signed with Qi Quancong, Apple will also have the most effort to develop its own 5G baseband.

If you use your own 5G baseband in 2023, it is absolutely a lot loss for Qualcomm. Even if Apple will not all use their own 5G baseband, Qualcomm revenue will decline.

For Qualcomm, there is another bad news, Guo Mingxi means that the overall demand of the Android 5G mobile phone in April is not poor. The high-end market is limited by Huawei, and it is a unique apple. Because Android high-end flagship demand slowed, it is also forcing Qualcomm to seek more share in the medium and low-end market. It is reported that Qualcomm has prepared tens of millions of medium-end chips and will be pushed in the third quarter. The pressure of the United Kingdom will rise to a new height.

In addition, the current chip shortage allows Qualcomm and UNAVICs to have a good bargaining. But as demand slowed down, it is expected that in the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year will solve the problem of chip shortage. Wait until mobile phone manufacturers will re-return the dominant position, Lianfa and Qualcomm revenue will discount again. Want to get more technological information, come and pay attention to us!

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