How old is China's laser crystals in the end? How old is China?

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Although China has been blocked by the United States in the high-precision electronic chip technology, but in turn, the US chip production system has also been anti-blocking from China, because China's unique laser technology is in the world, all the world This technology is shocked, there is a Russian expert, even if it is another 15 years, they cannot catch up with China in laser crystal production technology, then China's laser crystal technology is too powerful? ? If there is no ultraviolet laser crystal technology developed by China, then Switzerland even makes it up, it is impossible to produce the most advanced ultraviolet laser lightning.


Although the theory of laser technology has been discovered by scientists Einstein in 1916, this theory is found that the laser production is ultimately mastered by the United States, the most core technology of modern lasers: high performance optical excitation crystal In the case of the secret, only China's country is fully grasped - after China's synthesis technology of BBO photocopyhrics, China has brought the secrets of laser crystal synthesis technology to bring millions of US dollars per year. Profit, thereby providing adequate funding for the development of a new generation of laser crystals.


At the same time, China has also caused a very huge pressure on the export of laser crystals, because in the premise of only China can produce corresponding laser crystals, the United States is a considerable high-tech industry, especially the military industry has been Key equipment and components are seriously threatened - because military common weapons and equipment such as laser aiming devices and laser guidance systems are actually very high, if China's export pin of laser crystals Full blocked, then, even the military and technical powers in the United States, the production of advanced weapons and equipment will also be affected very seriously.

Therefore, after the United States spent 15 years, it finally developed its own KBBF crystal production technology in 2006, breaking China's blockade of the United States in laser crystals, just, China has begun to promote KBBF The next-generation technology of the crystal LSBO, which makes it easy to think that the Americans who have once again risen in the field of laser equipment.

The picture shows China laser crystal production equipment

Even the strongest big country in the world, is not the technology that is not good at, but also needs to purchase the corresponding special materials and components from other countries to produce corresponding cutting-edge equipment, so China is competing with the United States. It is not in all aspects of disadvantage, just like China can produce high-precision ultraviolet laser crystals, but also the world's largest, even the only premium country with all rare earth smelting patent barriers, with complete belongs to themselves The advantage conditions, as long as China can effectively play its own specialty, it makes an important breakthrough in key points.

Under China, there is also a premise of its own absolute advantage project and counterattack. Even if the United States is trying to block China with some technical absolute leading advantages, it will eventually make concessions to China, otherwise this blockade, The US own is also affordable.

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