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ioeinternet 14/09/2021 1701

# πŸ˜’ πŸ˜’ πŸ˜’ πŸ˜’

I received the feedback of the surrounded article, I lost a day, I feel that I am not suitable for studying. In the afternoon, I sent an email update article status to the angel tutor. UK time in the morning, in the morning of Abu Dhabi's mentor, the Angel Tutor gave me the email in the middle of the night. It was so touching the angel that I can't afford to be in the world. Angel.

Reading Bo is a step-by-step break - rebuild - a strong process, every time you break, you will hurt, a brain, turn out all the sweet and bitter, and turn it out of the anxiety of the future, I feel that I don't want to work hard, doing academics is too difficult ... I then suddenly, a light came in ...

Yes, this is the goal of the sprint. The instructor holds the article that is not impacting the lower articles if they are rejected, and now I have received the changes. It is my problem: I will find out the article, I am fascinated by Jinxiu, and I have considered the child's name. I have climbed up the email in the middle of the night. She may feel my anxiety and uneasiness, give I have a good idea.

Then I calm down, what is good? Doing any work to be the first is extremely difficult, good in the academic road, every breakthrough, just standing on the shoulders of the giant completed something that did not have done. πŸŽ“ Read this, at this moment, what is not important in the future, it is not important. The article does not send out, it is not so important. People encountered so warm, every day is learning new knowledge, reaching the sense of accomplishment every small goal, is true!

The world went, strive to leave something, have seen the world, and have met a beautiful person. There is light in life, the future is available in the future

-Made my day!

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