Postgraduate Application Requirements

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Enter oneself for an examination conditions

(1) Sign up for those who participate in the national unified entrance examination examinations, must meetthe following conditions:

(1) Citizens of the People's Republic of China.

(2) Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, good morality, and obey the law.

(3) Physical health is in line with the medical examination requirements specified in the national and enrollmentunits.

(4) Candidates must meet one of the following conditions:

1. The state recognition of the undergraduate graduates (including general colleges, adult colleges, generalcolleges and universities) and self-study exams and network education will graduate undergraduate students, andthe admission must obtain the country before September 1, Acknowledgment undergraduate diploma.

2. Personnel with the university undergraduate graduation education, online registration is required to verifythe study network academic qualifications, and can apply for academic certification to the relevant educationdepartments.

3. After obtaining the national high school graduation degree, the higher vocational college graduation (fromgraduation, after the admission to the same year, the same) or more than 2 years, reaching the same degree incollege graduates, and in accordance with the enrollment unit according to the unit The training target for thespecific business requirements proposed by the candidate.

4. The national admiring students recognized academic qualifications shall be applied as equivalent toundergraduate graduates.

5. Has been a master of master, doctoral degree.

At school graduate application shall be consent in the training unit before signing up. [4]

(2) Professional degree Master's national unified examination conditions shall be implemented in accordance withthe following provisions:

1. People who register for the enrollment examinations of the Graduate Student (illegal) professional degree,must meet the following conditions:

(1) Compliance with the requirements in (1).

(2) Professionals in colleges and universities are illegal majors (colleges and colleges and universities "in thecolleges of colleges and colleges [code 0301] graduates are not allowed to apply.

2. People who signed up for the graduate students' admissions exams in the Legal Master (Law), must meet thefollowing conditions:

(1) Compliance with the requirements in (1).

(2) Professional students studying in colleges and universities are legal profession (only 0301] graduates canapply for legal profession in law schools in the legal entrance of Undergraduate Catalog of colleges anduniversities.

3. Sign up for the Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration, Master of TourismManagement, Master of Engineering Management, Master of Engineering, Educational Management in Master ofEducation, Master's Master's Admissio

ns Examination, must meet the following conditions :

(1) Compliance with the requirements of the first, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in (1).

(2) Those who have three years or more than 3 years after graduating from the University; after obtaining thehigh-profile college graduates recognized by the state, there are 5 years or more work experience, achieving thesame degree in college undergraduate graduates. Personnel; a master's degree or a doctorate and a person who hasbeen working experience in 2 years or more.

4. Sign up for the Master of Legal Masters (illegal), Masters (Law), Master of Business Administration, Master ofPublic Administration, Master of Tourism Management, Master of Engineering Management, Master of Engineering,Master of Education, Master of Sports Other professional degree graduate students outside the competition, mustmeet the requirements of (1).

(3) The person who signed up to the admissions unit approved by the Ministry of Education shall meet thefollowing conditions:

1. Compliance (1) The requirements of the first, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

2. After obtaining the national undergraduate degree, the university has been recognized for 4 or more years, thebusiness has excellent business, has been published in research papers (technical report) or has become abusiness backbone, and the organization of the candidate and two experts with senior professional technicaltitles Recommended, in order to train or entrust the cultivation of the unit; 2 years or more after a master'sdegree or doctorate, the business is excellent, the consent of the candidate and two experts with seniorprofessional and technical positions, The in-job staff entrusted in this unit.

Master of Architecture, Master of Engineering, Master of Urban Planning, Master of Agriculture, Master ofVeterinary Medicine, Master of Landscape Garden, Master of Clinical Medicine, Master of Clinical Medicine,Master of Public Health, Master of School of Nursing, Master of Nursing, Master of Nursing, Master of Nursing,Master of History, Master of History, Master of History of Pharmacy The degree category can set a separateexam.

(4) Higher schools that can carry out push-to-life work can be recommended to recommend the number of outstandingundergraduate graduates in the school.

The recommendations and reception methods are developed according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry ofEducation (Admissions Units). Received promotion (including postgraduate education groups and push-freestudents) must apply for registration procedures within the registration time required by the state, and mustnot participate in the test.

In addition to the Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration, Master of TourismManagement, Master of Engineering, and Project Management in Engineering, Master of Education, Master ofEducation, Master of Sports, Other disciplines (categories), professional (field) ) Can be received.

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