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Hello, I am a pilgrimage, a financial person.

Life is like the ocean, only people who will be strong can we arrive at the other side.

There are very many varieties for investors' choice for investors, from simply talking about funds, bonds,stocks, futures, spot, etc. Then, for free investors, foreign exchange and stocks belong to the world's largestfinancial market, and there are many investors involved, including recent small white entries, also enrichedmarket vitality, also brought problems. What can I see in my live broadcast is "How can I not take it, how isit?" In fact, it is essential, or all the stocks and foreign exchange are mixed. Participating in the idea isdifferent!

Today, this article is to talk about a rough difference, you as a reference.

1, trading time

Foreign exchange: 5 days per week, 24 hours a day, not intermittent transaction

Stock: 5 days per week, 4 hours a day - 9:30 am to 11:30 am, 13:00 pm.

2, transaction fee

Forex: High-efficiency electronic trading system allows investors to trade directly with brokers, eliminatingmany bills and intermediary costs, and transaction costs have also been further reduced. Cost mainly comes fromthe spread points caused by various causes and the commissions that some brokers may charge.

Stock: The trading commission must be paid, the stamp, the transfer fee, etc., add up to thousands of thousandsof five, the cost of buying and selling a stock is above 1%.

3, trading method

Foreign exchange: foreign exchange transactions can take two-way transactions, can do rising

Stock: I can only make up, once you fall, you can't make money, you can only wait.

4, delivery method

Foreign exchange: T + 0 transaction, you can pay free of charge

Stock: T + 1 transaction, second trading day can be traded

5, transaction funds

Foreign exchange: Foreign exchange brokers provide traders with leverage, and a general broker can provide up tohundreds of times of lever.

Stock: no lever. Traders cannot be large.

6, transaction variety

Foreign exchange: currency pair combination is limited. The currency pair is a foreign exchange transactionexchange rate consisting of two currencies. Example: USD / EUR. Where USD is called basic currency, EUR iscalled secondary currency.

Stock: There are thousands of stocks on the stock market.

7, profit size

Foreign exchange: foreign exchange transactions have no rise to the deadline, and there is no limit to the riseand fall. Usually, the volatility of the foreign exchange market is 1%, and the fluctuations may reach more than2% when there is an important data release or a major event. When the lever enlargement ratio returned outsidethe guarantee is 10 times, the investor's profit opportunity is 10% when the market fluctuates is 1%.

Stock: In the stock market, my country's second-level market is set up to rise, and daily restrictions arelimited, the maximum increase is 10%.

8, risk control

Foreign exchange risk is controllable, can master the magnitude of the loss, set the loss price or claspprice.

The trading instructions issued by the stock market will be limited by certain conditions, and the risk isdifficult to control, and foreign exchange trading can be issued in advance to the transaction instructions ofprofit or stop loss points to protect profits and prevent loss.

9, transparency

Foreign exchange is global, the market is more objective and fair, and it is not easy to manipulate. The dailytrading volume of the international foreign exchange market is 5 trillion US dollars, strong liquidity, marketand data are public, that is, a national government can not intervene in foreign exchange market.

The stock market is susceptible to control, and the information is easy to fake.

10, risk

The risk of all kinds of investments is actually equal. Regardless of the investment needs to be cautious,although the volatility of the foreign exchange market is not large, after the leverage is enlarged, the risk ofinvestors will be enlarged with its income.

11, related relationship

Although the foreign exchange market is much larger than the stock market, there will be no risks in the foreignexchange market, because of global characteristics, due to global characteristics, affect foreign exchangemarket fluctuations more complex, As expected, the role of interest rates, the intended inflation rate, therelevant relationship between monetary assets, the relevant relationship between monetary assets and gold, therelevant relationship between monetary assets and crude oil and commodities, central bank policies Intervention,etc.

So the problem is coming, there is similar and completely different places, which is more risky?

1. Stock t + 1 trading system, buy today, tomorrow can be sold; foreign exchange T + 0 transaction system, buy itat any time, ready to sell. On the mobility, the foreign exchange risk is small.

2, the foreign exchange handling fee is very low, only the points of deduction, stocks need to pay stamp taxes,so this is a smaller risk and cost.

3, foreign exchange has leverage (50, 100, 200 times), invested small funds, you can get a large expected revenue(coexistence with expected income), but the higher the expected revenue, the greater the risk, So this is therisk of foreign exchange.

4. Foreign exchange investment target is the national economy, fair, fair, open, objectively transaction, andstocks have the possibility of making the municipal commercial manipulation stock market, this is better thanstock security.

5, my country's stocks can only rise to make money; foreign exchange rises can do, all have profitablepossibilities and opportunities.

6, stocks have false restrictions, while the risks of foreign exchange are mainly in the reunion, because thereis no rise to the limit, the foreign exchange risk will be more.

There is no doubt that the risks of foreign exchange are relatively large, stocks do not have a leverage, andthere is T + 1 and rising fell restrictions, which is the first risk control guarantee for investors. But ifthere is no good trading discipline, the risk of doing any transactions is uncontrollable. The risks and profitsof the investment market are coexisting, and they cannot only see profits, and they can't afford risk.

In short, it is a high-risk investment type. The same is that you must master investment skills, otherwise itwill only be raised from a leek field to another leek field.

OK, I have to know what I have to know. The above is only referred to, there are other questions welcome to leavea message.


Investment must be rational, if you don't understand it, don't do it.

Disclaimer: The article notice will have a lag, more suggestions are subject to the real disk!

This article only represents personal opinions, for reference only, investment is risky, you need to becautious!

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