Redmi Note 10 Series Exposed, Dimensity 700 + 90 Hz Starts, Big Cup Version May Have Surprises

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Last year, 5G mobile phones ushered in the country, because the overall cost of 5G mobile phones is still high, so the 5G mobile phones of the thousand yuan, and even the 5G mobile phone can be said to be a phoenix. Even if it is known as 5G pioneer, the 5G mobile phone Red rice Note 9 series of the 3G mobile phone is launched until the fourth quarter of last year. But more unfortunately, the price of red rice Note 9 is still 4G mobile phone, and the red rice Note 9 5G may be because of the cost of cost, and does not support high brush. Fortunately, the top version of the red rice Note 9 Pro supported the facade, as the most fire in the series.

Now, with 5G costs continue to decline, more and more mobile phone manufacturers have also begun to lay out thousands of yuan 5G, even hundred yuan 5G mobile phones. It is a bit more competitive in this price segment, so it is also urgent to need a new machine to deal with market competition. So the red rice Note 10 will be honest.

Previously, the red rice has already released a variety of mobile phones in the Red Rice Note 10 Series in India. According to the product line last year, the national bank version of the Red Milk Note 10 Series will not only configure more, but also more attractive.

The blogger digital idle chat station gives the configuration and look of the red rice Note 10 in Weibo. The front is used in the middle of the punch, and the back is used in a matrix three-fitting, as the design of the overseas version. In terms of core configuration, use 6.5-inch FHD + LCD screen, support 90Hz refresh rate, equipped with Tianzhu 700 processor, 8 megapixel, back 48 million +2 million, battery capacity is 5000 mA, support 22.5W fast charge, The thickness of the body is 8.9 mm, and the weight is 190 grams. Have four color matching.

As for the price, don't guess, it is definitely 999 yuan. In this price segment, it is basically no problem. At least a lot of Snapdragon 662 is stronger than the previous generation.

As for the Red Rice Note 10 Series Cup and the specific configuration of the super large cup, it is not difficult to guess their configuration based on the recent brokeout. Recently, Ziro Tianzhu 900 was exposed, and the Reno 6 series settled in 2500 files, and the brokerage said that the friend chamber did a thousand yuan, so we guess the red rice Note 10 cups should be equipped with Tianzhu 900, the price will be 1300 yuan.

As for the Red Rice Note 9 Pro, let us think of a mobile phone that is exposed to the previous day of the exposure, the machine is equipped with the Tianzhu 1100, the engineering machine uses a high-definition screen of 2400x1080P, rear 64 million main photos, equipped with 5000 mAh battery, support 67W wired fast charge, and is a cost-effective model. It is very likely that red rice NOTE10 PRO, as for the price guessing around 1600 yuan.

In general, the configuration of the red rice Note 10 series is much stronger than the Indian version. If the red rice Note 10 cups and super large cups are equipped with the Tianzhu 900 and Tianzhu 1100, I believe that it is almost no more than the maritime business. Righteree. Want to get more technological information, come and pay attention to us!

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