ZW7-40.5 / 1250-31.5 Vacuum Circuit Breaker Price Technical Parameters

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Shaanxi Taikai High-pressure Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of three-phase communication 50Hz, outdoor high-voltage electrical appliances, attachment spring operations or electromagnetic operations, and electricity, electricity, and electromagnetic operations. Divide, closing, can also be managed, manually, and closing. Design performance meets the requirements of GB1984-89 "AC High Pressure Brokerage" national standards, and meets and meets the requirements of IEC-56 "Exchange High Pressure Broker" International Electrotechnical Commission.

Shaanxi Taikai High-pressure Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ZW7-40.5 High-pressure vacuum circuit breakers are mainly used for the control and protection of outdoor 35kV transmission and electrical transformation systems, and also apply to normal operation and short circuit protection of the city, township distribution network and industrial and mining enterprises. The overall structure of this product is a porcelain bottle; a vacuum uncerene arc interrupter in the upper porcelain bottle, a porcelain bottle is a pillar bottle. Suitable for frequent operations. It has the characteristics of good sealing, anti-aging, high pressure, no combustion, no explosion, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance.

Second, Shaanxi Tailai High-voltage Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd. model and meaning

Using vacuum arc extinguishing, strong opening capacity, long battery life, 10,000 mechanical life;

Simple structure, maintenance-free, no maintenance cycle;

Good insulation, strong anti-fouling capacity;

Reliable spring or electromagnetic actuator, reliable mechanical properties, frequent operation; no fire and explosion hazard;

The inductor, the accuracy is 0.2, and three-phase control protection is achieved.

The internal attachment condensed controller can keep the circuit breaker to operate reliably at a certain temperature and humidity.

4. Main technical parameters of Shaanxi Tailai High-voltage Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Amazing air temperature: upper limit + 40 ° C, lower limit - 30 ° C; altitude: ≤2000m (if the altitude is increased, the rated insulation level is improved); wind pressure: no more than 700Pa (equivalent to wind speed 34m / s); earthquake intensity: no More than 8 degrees; contamination level: III; maximum temperature difference: no more than 25 ° C; relative humidity: no more than 95%, monthly average is not more than 90%; no flammable, explosion hazard, chemical corrosion and severe vibration .

Sixth, Shaanxi Taikai high pressure switch manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shape and installation size

Note: The exterior and installation dimensions are provided for reference only, and the final size is based on our product drawings. Shaanxi Tailai High Pressure Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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