Shanghai outstanding inter-American computer official flagship store 1

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Shanghai Outer Intercondary Computer Official Flagship Store (No. 1378 Huamu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai) B119

Shanghai outside the intercode computer official flagship store

First, let's first look at the store of many alien computers in Shanghai.

Alien computers have no flagship stores in the country, these foreign brands are unable to operate in China, must entrust Chinese agents to operate sales, this is the same, so what you see The flagship store is actually the flagship store of domestic agents, including a treasure on the online, and an east or even the brand's website is actually entrusted different agents to operate, so go to "recharge your belief" anywhere. It will not have much difference, the biggest difference is actually a service.

Talking about the service, I believe that all the "children's shoes" of the interleaner understand that the service of aliens should be the excellent model in most brands. But there is still a "children's shoes" will encounter after sales to solve their own problems, then what is this reason? First of all, we must determine an uncomprivible fact that any merchant's operational premise is to make money, and the services we enjoy are also based on those we let our services, so we can enjoy the service, any brand is The same truth. Then we choose where to buy, the difference between the service will come out, and if the hardware is damaged, the brand warranty is of course the same, according to the national three packs to warranty. If you have encountered non-functional damage, you need a large company to be guaranteed. The current electronics, especially like this high-end product, hardware problem faults is not very large, but because everyone's usage habits and uses Different, the small problem will of course encounter, and when we encounter these small problems, we will be used to specify someone who helps us. At this time, it is the strength of the company that reflects the company, they can be 24 hours. Serving us, this is also unable to do online with some small companies. Some "children's shoes" have chosen overseas equipment in foreign purchases. It is the truth that cannot be guaranteed in China. It is not to earn this equipment in China. Of course, it will not serve this equipment. If there is a problem, it is costly, Either back to buy local warranty, which is really wasting time and experience.

Talking about the difference between online and offline, this believes that many people will think that the line is cheap, convenient, and so on. In fact, the price problem is in a big brand. You will find the price is the same, even in the line, there are still many activities, gifts, of course, if you are a very chat, I can really give you a discount. What about it. The main thing is not this, the main thing is to pick up the goods on the spot, delivery to the door and encounter problems, can be solved immediately, at least have problems can find people, not to find a online customer service, after all, face-to-face communication is the most effective Well.

Shanghai outside the intercode computer official flagship store

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