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Summer is coming soon. For small friends who like to drink cold drinks, snacks, the refrigerator is a must-have electrical appliance. The traditional home refrigerator is too large, usually stores some leftovers, and the vegetables and the like are full. In addition, if it is used, it seems uncomfortable to place a large fridge. A small refrigerator suitable for the office and the bedroom is better, you can store some snacks or drinks, and you don't have to take up too much space. Today, this mini refrigerator introduced from Baisis brand, suitable for use in home bedrooms, offices, dormitory and as a car refrigerator. Next, talk to everyone, talk about this refrigerator.

The package uses an environmentally friendly kraft carton. The front is a simplified map of this, you can see that the shape of this refrigerator is very delicate. This refrigerator has many selling points: quick refrigeration / heating, low power consumption, mute, wide voltage design. The back is marked with this refrigerator size, power, and factory information.

Open the box, there is a foam backplane to fix, the internal protection is very in place, avoiding unnecessary bumps during transportation. The package interior includes a refrigerator host, an instruction manual, and a power cord. Complete accessories and meet daily needs.

The first view of this refrigerator gives me is simple and exquisite, the overall height of the fuselage is 30cm, not small, but the capacity is 6L. Pink coloring seems to be very elegant, this refrigerator has two types of white and pink, both color matching can be placed on the desktop and the floor can be used as an embellishment in a home environment, with extraordinary art.

The side surface of the refrigerator and the back side have a fence type heat dissipation hole to heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation fan can be seen by the heat dissipation hole of the back, and the condenser is dissipated by the fan heat dissipation. In addition, semiconductor innovation techniques are used, that is, temperature difference remains constant, the lowest temperature of this refrigerator is approximately less than 15 ° C in ambient temperature.

There are switching switches for the hot and cold working mode of the fans, in addition, adjusting the normal and silent mode.

The refrigerator supports 220V AC power, and the button is called to adjust the heat, shutdown, or refrigeration mode, while the indicator will prompt.

The capacity of the small refrigerator is 6L, that is, it can hold 12 easy to pull beer. Daily watermelon, the fruit and other fruits such as apples can be placed in the fruit and vegetable box, and some small snacks and yogurt can be placed under the box. It doesn't have a sense of violation of the desktop, open the refrigerator, you can take a small snack, yogurt ... go home from get off work, take a drink from a small refrigerator, just don't be too cool!

In another, it is said that the cooling test is 21.1 ° C, and the yogurt is placed in the refrigerator. After an hour of the refrigerator, the interior temperature of the box is 7.6 ° C, which is lower than the ambient temperature of 13.5 ° C. At this time, the yogurt taken is much lower than the normal temperature state.

Speaking of the noise control design of the refrigerator, it is still very satisfied, but the shortcomings of the big refrigerator noise, this times thinking is quiet when working, especially the refrigerator is placed in the bedroom or the office can be adjusted to Silent mode, the refrigerator is very quiet in the entire working state, and it can't hear the work noise.

Overall, this Best Small fridge exquisite mini, does not occupy space and is expected to be expected. Don't apply at home bedrooms, offices, school bedrooms, and cars. Especially in the hot summer, there is cold drink, yogurt in ice ... is all great. Recently, there is a small partner who wants to start a small refrigerator, you can pay attention to this.

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