The third session of the classics of Sui Tang Dynasty - Zhong Lu Communication: 6. On the sixth sixth

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On the sixth sixth

Lu Wei: "The so-called Wuzang is gold, wood, water, fire, earth. The so-called five-way position and the east, south, west, north, medium. If this is how to make each other, how is it? Take it? I hope to say it. "

Zhong Yan: "The Avenue is judged to have a heaven and earth, and the heavens and the earth are both five emperors. East is the Qing Di, but the spring, in the Yinzhong, so that all things. South,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Let all things grow. WestBai Emperor, while the autumn, in the yin, make everything in the north, and the winter, in Yinzhong, so that everything dies. 4th day Every time, the Yellow Emperor will occur. If you have a young emperor, if you are in the summer, if you are in the summer, you will grow back; if you are in autumn, the benefit of Bai Emperor is given; In winter, we will take the black emperor and strictly show it. The five emperor, the main seventy-two days, the three hundred and sixty days, and one year old, the heavens and the earth, in line, the Qing Dynasty, Methax Yemu. The Emperor is born, the southern fire, the Yellow Emperor, the Yellow Emperor has been, and the elderly has a central earth. White Emperor is born and Geng Xin, Geng Xin Western Gold. Black Emperor,, Northern Water. Seeing the time as the elephant, wood is Qinglong, fire is Suzaku, the soil is a white tiger, the water is Xuanwu. See the time and the organism, B and Genghe, spring is a banyan, Youth and white, no The color of the lost metal. Xin and the propylene, autumn has jujube, white and red, no golden fire color. Hehe and Geng, there is a melon in autumn in the late summer, you don't loster the color of the earth. With the sees, the summer is , red, black, no water, the color of the water. There is orange, black and yellow, and there is no such thing as the color of the water. Strive to the time, Born in the object, unpaid. "

Lu Wei: "If the five lines are there, what is the five elements?"

Zhong Yan: "Only people also have a round foot, there is a heavenly image, yin and yang lifts, and the machine of the world. The kidney is water, the heart is fire, the liver is wood, the lung is gold, the spleen is the soil. After the life, then water, wood, fire, fire, soil, gold, golden water. The living is the mother, the survived is the child. If the five elements, the water, the fire, the gold, the golden wood, Muke Tower , Torker, the victim is a husband, the victory is a wife. Enthusiasm, kidney, liver, liver, gas, temper, spleen, lung, lung gas, lung gas, kidney gas. , Kidney gram, heart gas, pulmonary gas, liver liver, liver, spleen, spleen, kidney, kidney, heart, liver, spleen wife, lungs, liver, spleen, The mother of the heart, the wife of the lungs, the kidney. The heart, the son of the spleen, the mild woman, the child of the liver, the liver, the mother of the kidney, the wife of the heart, the son. Squaton, The mother of the kidney, the mother of the lungs, the wife of the liver, the child. The heart is seen in the inner, seeing the outside, it is a door. It is used as a portal. It is driven by the kidney, and the lungs are driven by the lungs. This is the case; the liver is rumor, see the spleen, the lid is reasonful, the kidney is seen in the outside, and the two ear is the portal. Strike the spleen, and drive to the heart This is the case of the couple; the lungs are as strong, see the liver, the lid is reasonable, the liver is the same. It is seen in the inner, seeing the

outer person as the claw, with the eye is the portal. Since the spleen, the lid is the case; see the kidney, it will be reduced, and the child is reasonable. The lungs are seen in the inner, seeing the outside, the nose is a portal, Excellent heart, and driven to the liver, the liver is so reasonable; to see the horses, see the kidney, the lid is reduced to the mother. The spleen is seen in the inner, and the heart of the liver lungs See the outer person as the meat, the lip is the portal. The breathing is done, it is driven by the liver, and it is driven by the kidney, the lid is the reason to cover the couple; the heart is summon, see the lungs, cover the mother This is true. This is the five lines of people, and the phase of the couple, and the mother is driving the mother, and the dying is here. "

Lu Wei: "Heart, fire, how to get a fire down? Kidney, water, how to get water rise? Spleen, earth is also. Soil, and the launch of the fire, do not break the lung, gold On the top, the next time the fire is damaged, and it is born to be in order. Separate people have the same interval, the tricks are close to the difficulty. Is this five lines from the phase damage, what? "

Zhong Yan: "The five elements are returned to the original, and they have a gas connection. Yuanyang successfully raised the rose water, the real water creation, the arrogance, the gas is hurt, and the Yang god will be positioned in five lines, and there is a woman. Kidney, water also There is gold in the water. Golden water, when you start, you should know the water in the water. The water is too old. After the medicine, it must have the soil to return to the water. The image of Long Nai liver, the shape of the tiger. Yang Long is born with the palace Line. The five elements are reversed. The gas is passed on the mother. Since the child, it is the Yangyang, five lines upside down, and the liquid couple. It is almost in the middle of the yin. Yang is not yin, Not dead. Yin does not have a yang no life, in the end, the yin is longer. "

Lu Yan: "The five elements are in the yin and yang. The so-called one gas, what is it?"

Zhong Yan: "One gas, the father and the mother," The stomach, the gastro, this is the yin is formed by essence, and its moisture is in the first life, a little Yuanyang is in the second kidney. And the kidney, water is also, the water is fire, the rose is a gas, because The gas rises towards the heart. Heart, Yang also, with Yang Heyang, Tai Chi Yin, is the gas liquid, liquid, the liquid decline, the mother, the mother of the heart, the kidney, the kidney Its kidney is in the heart. The wife of the lungs, the mother of the kidney, the mother-of-kidney to the kidney, the gas fluid rises, such as the yin and yang of the heavens. If the liver lung is transmitted, if the sun and the moon are recovered. The number of five lines is also. On its integration, Nai Yuyang is all right. The liquid liquid, the liquid is angry. The kidney is the root of the gas, the heart is the source of the liquid. The spirit is strong, the heart is strong, and the heart is self-cultivated. Clean, heart source,, Just, it is a god. "

Lu Yan: "Jin Dan is unsubalyte and upgrading the fairy, to return to ten states, solid knowledge, how to say the yellow bud?"

Zhong Yan: "Real dragon, the truth is also."

Lu Wei: "Dragon Tiger, Why?"

Zhong Yan: "Longyong Paki, Nairi Long, Yang Long, is in the peeled water. Tiger is not lung, it is a huge tiger, the tiger is in the real fire."

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