Zhang Tingyu: They haven't given too much.

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There are a lot of cleaning in the history of the Qing Dynasty, which is like this to think that Zhang Tingyu wants to do Daming filial son. I have listed several most typical examples:

Evaluation of Taizu:

The emperor teaches Zhi Zhiyong, unifolds Summer, Weiwu Scriptures, for Han, Tang, Song Zhujun.

"For Han, Tang, Song Jun," Description History evaluation Zhu Yuanzhang is strong than any emperor of Han Tang and Song Dynasty, this is obviously going to step on one, Han Gaozu Wu Emperor Tang Taizong is not? " The first stalk in the big tomorrow is from here. And it is also contradictory: "Rising cloth,, Western Han Dynasty will not have anything." The front said Zhu Yuanzhang has completed all of the Emperors in the Western Han Dynasty, and there is no more than Western Han.

Evaluation of Ren Zong: "When Jing Dami started, Ren Zong hit the world, and the whole city was worried. After the ancestor, he was ancestor, and the East Hao Guo Guo, there was no accident. Repeated, and finally since the sincerity. "I know the daughter", I don't know if there is a singer, I can be the law of the world. I am in place. , Good books. Make the annual holiday, hi and rest, the Sheng Decheng, not with the text, Jingbao. "

The last sentence is that the performance of Renzong is more than even surpassed the Western Han Dynasty, I am strange, this also blows too much, Jingjing two emperors are in the next 40 years. Can you walk side by side? And this evaluation did not say that he was the merit of the imperial court when Zhu Xi, but only in the year? ? ?

Evaluation Taizong: "Wenhuang Leishang Shu, according to the wins of Yan Yan, the fence is weak, the long drive is in, there is four seas. After the position, the water is thrift, the water and the water, the water, the water is not covered. In the form of Dongda, Xiongun, the same man, the six divisions, the six divisions have been repeated, and they are clear. To their season, Weide is, the four-party guests, the mutant and the tribute is thirty countries. It is wide, far-reaching, Tang. Success Jun Lian, Zhuo Yan. However, the revolution, reverse the way, and he is also hidden. "

First of all, I think Zhu Xi will not "hunt" and "know people", you can list a typical case, and Zhu Xi can make a terrace like Han Wen Emperor. : "Baijin, the top ten of the people." I am a first emperor, often ashamed, why! "Body clothes, fortunately, missing mades, do not have a glimpse, to show Dunqu, for the world. Treatment, all the pottery, do not do, silver, silver, copper, tin as a thrifty" ? At this time, some people may say that Zhu Yuanzhang is "the funeral of the quarter," said Zhu Xi "," So Zhu Xi is also very frugal, but in fact, the burial does not need gold and silver jewelry is normal, because this It is the traditional power of the emperor. The emperor who does not have to be accused in history also grab a lot. You can't explain him, and the magic of the Ming powder around me is not good. How can I know people? Ren, it is, I can't move here, let the minister have a lot of ca


"Amazing, far-reaching, Tang. Successful Junlie, Zhuo Yan" This is also YY, what is the picture of Zhu Xi exceeds Tang Gaozong? I wondered, blow it, I didn't take the data. Now I am still more and more powder, I will hit the porcelain everywhere and then said that the Qing Dynasty is clear, the old double is marked.

The most disgusting people are the evaluation of Zhu Xi Town, Va's Zhongliang: "Yingzong Cheng Ren, Xuan Zhi Industry, Haixiang Fu, Dynasty Qingqing. The minister is like Sanyi Yang, Hu Wei, Zhang Fu, all tired of the old, affiliated The Outline is not enough. Unique to Wang Zhen is available, and they will be broadcast. It is still behind, it is still not awkward, and it is also in the twenty-four years before and after. As for the upper gong, I will release the talent of the prostitute, and I will be buried in the palace, and the things of Shengde may be the world. "

I feel that I am going to Wang Zhen, and Wang Zhen is still to build a temple to commemorate him. "There is no dove in the twenty-four years before and after," it means that he is not in the past 20 years. It is very good, laughing, 500,000 white to the Tao, was also held in Beijing, becoming a toolman, this NB record is not evil? It's okay.

"Hainan Fu, Dano Qingqing" is indeed, and the intensity of the face has also created "Song Song Shengshi" so the Zhu Xiang Town, Twa Zhongliang.

The most powerful is undoubtedly my Daming Zhuang Lie Emperor Zhu Ying:

"The emperor got a god, and after the warmth, there was an easy way. At the beginning of the place, the settlement was unbutapped, and the treholds were treated. He wanted to rule. It is a big trend that is difficult to pull. In the court, the door is disputed. Inert. The soldiers and wilders, the circle spread. Out of the fueled, it can be said, it is unfortunate. However, in the ten seven years, no sound, persuasion, losses, and governance. I have a very small material, and I use a person, I am so good. It is a reply to the official, the place, the measures, the premium, the migration, the body, the disaster,To the big life, the demon sweep, and the emperor has to add the Tomb, the ceremony is very thick. It is the Holy Dynasty Shengde. It can also know the emperor, but not to humiliate, for the death of the country. "

It's almost the ages, the difference is almost, Chongzhen is the most annoying emperor of the most hate other than Zheng Jiajing. It is always not good, and it will give people a bird sword. Faster, then, then, it will also give the minister before dying: "Hey, look down, but the ministers are mistaken. It is dead without face, and it is the crown, and the cover is divided. There is no injury to the people. "Don't hurt people one person, how much your governing is harmful, saying that his clown is not too much.

I don't exist this kind of evaluation of Jiajing Wanli, and some very few black evaluations are not exemplified (such as destruction) but in short, the Qing Dynasty is the emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Praise is even blown, I have to see it.

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