Zhumadian High School Affiliated Middle School held an anti-seismic emergency risk evacuation drill

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In order to further enhance the safety awareness of teachers and students, they can be in danger when they face fires and earthquakes. In order to follow the safety evacuation of fire escape routes in time, they have arrived in the 13th disaster prevention and mitigation days of the country. Zhumadian High School Affiliated Middle School held a shockproof emergency reliaces evacuation drill in two campuses, Zhao Yong, Chairman of Zhumadian High School Trade Union, Li Dongfang, Director of the Security Department, Si Xinlei, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Secondary School, and Wu Qiying attended the event.

Before the exercise, the school conducted earthquake-resistant knowledge training and responding to the mental health education of sudden disasters in a class, allowing them to understand the procedures of the drills and familiar with the escape evacuation route.

After the signal is issued, the drill officially begins. The teacher organizes students to kneel down and takes 30 seconds with the table. After hearing the evacuation, immediately evacuate to the playground in an orderly manner, and complete the number of teachers and students.

Wu Qiying sent a speech. She pointed out that time when the earthquake occurred, the time was life, safe and not small, the alarm bell needs to grow. The smooth completion of this earthquake evacuation drill has effectively strengthened the safety education work of the school and enhanced the safety awareness of teachers and students. The school will also accumulate experience and insufficient experience and lack of experience, and further improve the rapid response ability of the emergence, and continue to strengthen the safety awareness of teachers and students, improve the earthquake avoidance and safety evacuation capabilities, and truly prevent problems.

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