The Computer USB Interface Is Inconvenient To Plug In and Out, One Hub Can Solve It, And The Interface Can Be Expanded

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HUB generally has two uses. One is to solve the USB interface similar to the ultra-thin book is not enough. The second is to plug in the convenience, extend the interface behind the desktop to the desktop, the reasons for this purchase is the latter .

Some people may say that the desktop does not have a USB interface? Indeed, there are two in front of the author's chassis, but they are all occupied by 2.4G devices, one is a keyboard, a mouse, because the signal is stable, only in front, so there are other devices, each time you need to remove the chassis Special trouble.

If you want to solve the above distress, you can only rely on Hub. This choice is the Orico Orry, a 7-port product, model TSU3-7a, this HUB overall appearance is very simple, three-round size 133.5x46x25mm, housing is ABS Material. In addition, the appearance is designed, the front matte, four weeks, look at it is quite textured.

TSU3-7a, 7A is the meaning of 7, all USB3.0 interface design, and there is still a 4-port, there is not much equipment, in fact, in fact, it is basically enough, but also cheap, only over 60.

The highlight of this HUB is, each interface has a separate switch, and the energy saving and power saving, it also brings great convenience, no need to plug, and configure a LED indicator, power-on The blue light will be emitted, very nice night.

One thing to note is that it is an extended role, so the selected data line must be long, enough to extend from the stage to the desktop, so like Orico's HUB is equipped with an 1 meter connection.

Also intimate is that a Type-C power supply interface is also reserved at the front end, and the number of USB interfaces is different, and the 7 port is 15W, and 4 is 10W. The design is to meet the power supply needs of the big probability equipment, and it is also safe to protect, with anti-flow design, while protecting the host equipment, it also guarantees normal use of external equipment.

[Actual experience]

Product introduction is so much, how is the actual experience? In fact, I have received Hub, and everyone worried is nothing more than transmission speed and stability. ORICO's interface is USB3.0, so the theoretical speed can reach 5Gbps.

Using the CrystalDisk Mark software to test the read and write speed of the next mobile hard disk, can be seen from the figure, the read speed is 445Mb / s, the write speed is 168MB / s, which is in line with the normal read and write speed of USB3.0, this and I The speed is also almost the speed of the direct plug-in interface.

The copy speed of the measured large file is also good, read 367MB / s, written 92MB / s, and is excellent in stability. Of course, the test speed is for reference only. After all, it is affected by the test environment, and the author's mobile hard disk is the old SSD that is removed from the old computer. It has been used for many years.

[Last summary]

This Orico Ori Ruiku 7-port USB3.0 expander fully meets my needs, whether it is extended or read performance. The 7-port design can also meet the simultaneous access of my multiple devices, even if the high-power is not afraid, there is a power supply interface design, so a small partner that is as needed as I can choose.

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