The Military Budget Reaches 50 Billion EUROS, But The German Arman Army Lacks Funds To Maintain and Purchase Weapons

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If someone comments today's Europe, if it does not contain Russia, the national army's combat power is the most powerful, and there will be a lot of answers, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany will have different supporters. However, if the country is the most prosperous, Germany will definitely be elected. However, it is strange that this country is deemed to have a good financial situation in a good financial situation, but in the lack of funds in the purchase of weapons.

Is the German do not like force, is it very tangled in the defense budget? the answer is negative. Although the German military budget only accounts for about 1.6% of its GDP, the actual amount has been as high as 5.139 billion euros (about 62.32 billion US dollars, 399.43 billion yuan), and it has been upgraded to 53 billion euros in 2021. (About 64.27 billion US dollars, 412.18 billion yuan). It can be said that in terms of military expenditure, Germany is far ahead of its own two European partners - France and the United Kingdom. It is important to know that France's military budget in 2021 is only 49.7 billion euros, and the UK's defense budget in 2020 is only $ 55 billion. In contrast to continuously improved military expenses, the size of the German army is constantly reduced, from 500,000 big military and more than 3,000 tanks at the end of the Cold War, has been reduced to now 1.82,000 and more than 300 tanks.

What is even more strange is that Germany, which is called "Artisan Spirit", is actually very poor in the proper rate of weapons. In a report of the German Department of Defense in the late 2020, the German Army 263 "Leopard II" main battle tanks can only be used, and the appropriate rate is about 45.3%; the German Army's "Cougar" infantry chariot is properly Only 29.3%, the German Army advanced NH-90 transporter helicopter is only 23%. If the protection of the army's weapons can be described as low as low, then the German Air Force's weapons can only be described with "pull". In 2019, the German Department of Defense said that Germany's "typhoon" fighters, due to a defect, the service life is reduced from 3,000 hours to 1500 hours. Before this, there was a report that 132 "typhoon" fighters in Germany, only 10, ammunitions were only used in it.

Perhaps, many people think that the German army's current difficulties are for many years to reduce military expenses, and will completely empty the Germany that once able to ask for good war, so it takes a period of time to re-"supplement" to resume. But in fact, Germany has been increasing military expense from 2014, raising from 34.7 billion euros in 2014 to 53 billion euros today, and the proportion of GDP has also increased from 1.18% to 1.57%, and the growth rate has exceeded 52%. However, the result is not only the combat capacity of the past, not only the problems, the problems, which have occurred in technology equipment is becoming more and more wonderful. In addition to the problem of weapons mentioned in the foregoing, there is also the failure rate of the weapon system, and the F-125 frigate will be rejected by the German navy, and the 212A submarine has also appeared in the group "armpar". What makes people feel even, all kinds of technical equipment are "castrated" as much as possible, such as the F-125 and F-126 frigates become large patrol ships, "Tiger" helicopters do not install machine guns ...

Many people will use German weapons to use modular, easy to modify them to argue with this unhappy behavior. And not to say that the transformation takes time, it is to complete the modification quickly, and it is necessary to form a long time to form the final combat capability. However, the so-called "modular" and "modified" can also find an excuse for the previous one. However, when the Germans appear in weapons and weapons and weapons procurement, it may be difficult to "shake". First, in terms of the development of the weapon system. In combination with France, Germany and Spain, investing in the FCAS fighters (future air combat system) projects up to 100 billion euros, the Germans showed rare . Similarly, this situation also appeared in the future tanks developed in Germany and France. On the seabed project developed with Norway, the Germans cannot guarantee sufficient funds. Perhaps, in these two projects, the Germans are to maximize the benefits of their own companies, in order to obtain enough orders in the project. However, in terms of weapon procurement, it is difficult to find a reasonable trick.

The German Air Force started in 2010, I hope that the MQ-4C drone will be used to develop signal acquisition task systems for the mount platform to perform signal intelligence collection tasks. In 2018, the United States approved $ 2.5 billion in prices, four MQ-4C drones for Germany. However, by 2020, Germany's "Flying Horse Plan" suddenly abolished, and its excuses were MQ-4C could not reach the safety standards required to fly over Europe. Therefore, 3 Canadian Global-6000 aircraft will be equipped with high-tech sensors. However, there is no substantive action at the time today. This shows that the German funds are also very tetaneous in weapon procurement. Moreover, it is not only a plane that performs special tasks, and Germany has similar problems in purchasing other weapons and equipment, such as P-8 anti-submarine procurement, push ship procurement, etc.

So, where is the military expenditure of the German? In addition to the daily military maintenance costs, the funds of the German waste may be too much. As one of the European Law-German core system, Germany pursues establishing a European common force, but also hopes to develop more powerful military equipment, but also based on self-study. For example, in the "Flying Horse Plan", from 2010, since 2013, after $ 700 million, the efforts of the development of information collection systems were shattered. Moreover, Germany now needs to develop aircraft carrier, the sixth generation fighter (FCAS), etc., you need to invest a lot of money, but what kind of return can I get? In addition to investing in various research and development, Germany is now involved in military actions to swallow a lot of military expenses. The "Triple Joint Point 2018" exercise in October 2018, Germany sent 10,000 officers and 4,000 vehicles. It seems very strong and scenery, but also pays 90 million euros. In addition, the long-term dispatched troops stationed in countries such as Afghanistan and consumes a lot of money.

Therefore, Germany's continuously increased military expenses not only have to make their weapons and equipment, but because all kinds of waste and military operations cost funds. Therefore, there will be a situation in Germany's lack of funds procurement new brains and aircraft. This has formed a huge contrast with Germany's reality of the military expectations!

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