The Mutated New Coronavirus Discovered in India Spreads To More Than 40 Countries and Regions

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[Original title] WHO: a variant new crown virus discovered in India to more than 40 countries and regions

The World Health Organization said on the 12th that accelerated epidemic in a variant new crown virus spread in India has spread to more than 40 countries and regions.

WHO said in the New Crown Epidemic Weekly, it has been detected in more than 4,500 samples of the open database in October, in October B.1.617. These samples come from 44 countries and regions, throughout the world's 6 major regions. In addition, WHO has received reports of this variant new crown virus from another five countries and regions.

Weekly said that the UK is the country in which the variant virus infection is reported.

WHO earlier this week, the WHO has announced that this variant virus is "caused worries", as the variant virus found in the UK, Brazil and South Africa, the reason is that it is stronger than the original strain, resulting in " The prevalence rate is in many countries. In addition, preliminary evidence shows that it is stronger about BamlaniMab monoclonal antibody, and early laboratory studies have shown that it "limits the ability of antibodies and viruses". But WHO emphasizes that it is "possibly limited" on the realities of vaccine effectiveness.

WHO said that Indian new crown virus detection is positive in a positive case, only 0.1% receiving gene sequence and uploading to the international shared gene sequence resource "influenza data sharing global initiative" platform to determine strains. By the end of April, the variant virus B.1.617.1 and B.1.617.2 accounted for 21% and 7% of all sequencing samples in India, respectively. In addition, other contagious stronger variability viruses, including mutated viruses found in Britain, also spread in India.

The report believes that there are multiple potential factors in Indian epidemic, such as variation of viruses, and multiple large groups accelerate viral dissemination, public health measures are insufficient and are not implemented.

According to the data released on the 11th, the Indian Ministry of Health shows 329,942 cases in India, a total of 22,992,517 cases, only in the United States; 3,876 new deaths, cumulative death 249992 cases. According to the French New Agency, due to the new number of newly added cases in India, more than 300,000 cases, nearly 4,000 new deaths in the single day, a lot of medical resources such as a lot of hospital beds, oxygen, and other medical resources. (Wang Xinfang)

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