The third article, the five generations of the Tang Dynasty - Zhong Lu Communication Collection: 5. On the 4th

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On the fifth

Lu Wei: "The Governing of the Heaven and Earth, the year, month, day, when you can I?"

Zhong Yan: "Every time there is four. Human life is a hundred years old; when the one is growing, the 30 to 60th is long, sixty to ninety is the old man, ninety to 100 The age of age is also declined. It is a one-class in the middle of the body. If you have twelve times, it is a day, the three is a one, the three gas is a section. The second section is for a while, there is spring, summer, autumn, winter. Time spring is also, Yin Zhongyang half, the gas is cold, the time is warm, the spring is also. Summer, Yanyang Yanyu, It is also hot, and it is also the summer. The autumn is also in the spring, and the yang is hot, it is hot, it is also the autumn. The time is also in the winter, and the yin is cold, but it is cold, but it is cold, At the time of winter. It is the second time in the middle of the year. If you start from the law, Luzhong Qilu, where January 30, three thousand, 3,000, 180,000 points. Moon Date to the String. Yin Middle Yasha. Since the string to the moon, Yang Zhongyang. Since the moon to the lower string, Yang Zhongyin half. Since the lower string to the embarrassment, Yin Zhongyin, is the third day of this day and month. If it is a minute of sixty minutes, the eight-day is for a while, and it is a half for a while. ,. From the bangs. Reflections on the afternoon, Yang in the sun, the sun, the sun, the sun. In the afternoon, the Yang is in the middle, and there is a small yin in the sun. Self-lost, there is yin, pure Yin and too yin. It is this time in the middle of the day. It is rare and easy to lose, and the body is also late; the month is also steady, the month is also like a stone fire, On the day of the day. The daily day is the month, the month is the year, the years are the year, the year is very bright. The greed is not unreasonable, and the love is pity and grace. Established it back to the road, The old is old and the old, such as the spring snow autumn flowers, there is time to have time; the sunset is the light. The sorrow of the trip, the time in the people, the sun, the sun, the Baihui Fragrance. Water, Dangerous Building, Breeze Fantastic. On the moonlight, the snow is drinking. Endlessness is endless, and it is limited. It is necessary to be a disease. If the break boat is not good, who does not help the heart? Into the desperation of re-repair? The time of vain is in the middle of the year. The neighboring chicken is not singing, and the house is suspiced. The street drums, and returned to the family. Gorges are willing to be hiring, delveling Worry. Golden jade, the disease is very resistant? At a glance, the anesthesia can be replaced? Xiaoyin does not stop, the world is Mo Kewei. Facing the sorrow, unfortunately, the day is also. "

Lu Wei: "When in the body, the year, the time of the month, the day is in the middle of the day, it is also a rare when the teacher is unique, and it is unfortunately in the day. What is it? "

Zhong Yan: "The trocker is rare. The juvenile repaire, the root is complete, and everything is easy to see, and it can be achieved in a thousand days. The people who have been in the middle age, middle-aged, first completed I will go to my hand, I will r

eturn to the old days, I will enter the extraordinary. The teenagers are not realized. Middle-aged is unsupported, or they pay attention to the disaster, or because of the disease, Zi Xiyi. Have a rescue , The secondary makeup. Then self-cultivation is achieved, the intensity of the middle and middle-aged is to return to the old child, the refining is living. The five qi can't be met, the Sanyang is difficult to get the top. Reissue rumors, no way It is a rare person, and the body is also. "

Lu Wei: "At the time of the body, the solid knowledge is rare, and when the day, unfortunately, what is it?"

Zhong Yan: "One day of the person, such as one of the days, one year of the heavens and the earth, the avenue fertility world, the zoning of the world, the upper and lower, the winter solstice, the earth is rising. Where is the 15th , Up to seven thousand miles, count one hundred and eighty days. Yangsheng to the sky, Tai Chi Yin. After the summer, the sky is clouded. Where is the 15th, the next is seven thousand miles, counting one hundred and eighty days. Yin Lowering to the land Taiji Fuyang. Thirty start, running, no loss, long. Run the day, the sun and the moon, the surroundings each have each 840 miles. After the day, six in the sixth day. Twelve times, the soul of the soul entered the seventy miles, all of the 15th, counting one hundred and eighty, the spirit of the soul entered the eight hundred and forty miles. After the meritain, Jiuzhong will be six. Where is the 12th day of the day In the soul, the soul is in seventy miles. Wherever the 15th, the soul is pushed into 8.40 miles. Three rounds, running, no loss, so strong. Avenue long things, Everything is in all things, the most prosperous people, people also. People's heart kidneys, up and down, lifting, lifting, with the heavens and the earth, fluid, liquid in liquid, gas fluid, The sun and the moon can be similar. The heavens and the earth are related to the Qiankun, and the yin and yang rises, one year, there is no loss in the road, one year after a year. The sun and the moon are in the soul of the soul, and in January January after January, there is no way to change, although there is no way to pay for a day and night, I don't know the law. If you lose, you don't make up, you don't have been refined. When you are, you don't have to solve Yangyang. When Yangxia is not explaining, there is no loss, there is no line in the month. After a year, there is no one year, and there is no day to sleep, take the heat, refuse to repair, and Wens and disease, in the time of time, and the end is waiting. "

Lu Yan: "The people who are in the face, I don't know the time, the years are discounted, and the disease is entangled, the death is approaching. The cover is unknown, it is not known, it is a wonderful integration, and the month will be held "

Zhong Yan: "In the middle of the year, the month is used in the month. When the month is used in the middle, the day is used. The cover is in the moon, the month is rich, there is a progressive and retreat, and there is time to run five degrees. Waiting. Gold, wood, water, fire, soil, column is different. East, west, south, north, medium, have a number. Refining Jingsheng is infunding, refining, gains, refining Goddess. "

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