The US soldiers are brave and good, but why is it afraid of Vietnamese women?

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The Vietnamese war is the most unforgettable war in the US military. In this war, the US military lost a large number of soldiers and military expenses, and more doubtful thing. Many US military soldiers have suffered from Vietnamese female soldiers. So many soldiers will still have a nightmare, and they are well known to the US veterans, but why are they afraid of Vietnamese female soldiers? The truth made the world, according to the record, it was originally in the Vietnamese War to defend the motherland, many Vietnamese women voluntarily joined the army to become a female soldier, and using various means to fight the US military, not only caused huge casualties to the US military, but also made many US soldiers In terms of phobia, it still lives in the shadow of war.


With its strong strength, the US military originally thought that the victory of the Vietnam war can be easily obtained, but after China and the Soviet Union provide a lot of assistance to Beibei, the US military's war is more and more difficult, not only can not achieve the results in the expected, or even There are also a lot of soldiers' casualties. A large number of military expenses are squandered, in order to defend the motherland, many Vietnamese people pick up the arms to the battlefield. There are also many female soldiers, and the charges of the charge in front of the guerrilla war in the US military, Vietnamese women's soldiers are good at using their own special advantages, using a variety of special tactics to attack the US military, but also causing a huge blow to the US military, and even a lot After the war, the US military soldiers always shadow.


According to the record, Vietnamese female soldiers are very good at making various traps, and use these ghosts to raise the US military, such as the Vietnamese female soldier will use the military grenades or mines with the formula to be slightly modified, and their detonation devices are installed on their own institutions. Then use them to make a variety of weighing. For example, after step on it, let go of the feet and fry the loose thunder, a pusher will explode, or install it in the water well, the US military bucket Water wells that exploded during water and so on, these millet did not only cause huge casualties to the US military, but also prevent the US military from using Vietnam's abandoned facilities, increasing the pressure of the US armed forces on the logistics.

In addition to this, the Vietnamese female soldier has also taken a lot of camouflage tactics, such as the female soldier will dress yourself as a different look, then put the weapon in the abdomen to pregnant women to go to the US military I suddenly fired when the US military did not pay attention, because the US military had a more powerful firepower, although these tactics did not cause much casualties to the US military, but the US military morale, let the US soldiers fight in the fight against the wind, the wind, the wind, the crane, the spirit, the spirit is not To relax, the side of the US military's ability to fight.


In the face of these tactics of female soldiers, there is no good response method. It is necessary to know that the Vietnam War is a bad battle. Many countries are accuseing the US military. In order to maintain international phenomena, the US military can only strictly restrict The behavior of the troops, try to avoid the occurrence of the massacre, and the Vietnamese female soldier is killed by the US military, and the US military can explain them as soldiers, but if it encounters female soldiers who have been disguised into civilians, the US military is forced It is difficult to expand effective counterattack in public opinion.

After paying tens of thousands of soldiers, the US military finally left Vietnam, and the Vietnamese female soldiers were finally successful. This also woke up the world, even the US military has such a powerful strength. If it is not a war, it is difficult to win the victory of the war.

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