U.S. Navy Surface Ships Continue To Embrace NSM Missiles

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After the US Navy proposed "distributed anti-injury" in 2015, the anti-ship's anti-ship ability to improve the water surface ship will put a schedule, and LCS is no exception. LCS-4 Colonato first experimentally plus fish in 2016. The fork anti-ship missile was tested. Then the US Navy launched the LCS OTH project, for LCS and the FFG (X), which is the current constellation-level frigate colorful anti-ship missile, the last Lras LRASM and Boeing fish fork Blockii + ER Dedicated to the US Navy to deliberate indicators, anger to exit, let NSM win the victory of LCS OTH in 2018.

At present, the US Navy has ordered 35 LCSs, except for the first 4 ships of the mission module, the remaining 31 ships will be equipped with 8 NSM anti-ship missiles as a fixed system, not part of the anti-sector war module; NSM will be On the de ck installed in front of the bridge, 8 NSM anti-ship missiles and related launches, cables and electronic equipment weights will increase LCS over 7.7 tons.

Independent Littoral Combat Ship

The independent level took the lead in early adopters, 2019 , LCS-10 Bridge Jiford adds 8 NSMs before his first step deployment, and conducted the first test in October of the same year, successfully hit the FFG as a target ship. -54 Ford; there are many independent levels other than LCS-10 , which are also LCS-6 Jackson, LCS-16 Turis and LCS-18 Charlston, where LCS-18 has been in April Out of the sea to Guam to perform its first battle deployment, this is also a year after a year, and the independence is once again implemented operational deployment in the West Pacific.

Free-level Littoral Combat Ship

Compared with the work of the free-level installed NSM, the US Navy has begun to install NSM for free grade in 2020, and I hope it is best to catch the operation deployment of the Persian Gulf. If there is no small wind wave and change, the design defect of the reduction gear leads to the multi-dynamic failure of the free level, and the operational deployment of Trump will turn the operation to the Persian Bay to support the fourth fleet implementation of anti-drug Smuggling tasks, the privilege-level installed NSM has been postponed, and there is still no free-level acceptance of re-installation of NSM.p>Independent level Littoral Combat Ship

Of course, from the perspective of the horse, the endo-sea combat is actually enough to be independent; forcibly a free level, it is an unwanted choice. As for the NSM anti-ship missile ~~, good things!! (This article is L big original)


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