Wokrek Little Yellow Man Morning Inspection Robot-Even if It is not in The Arena, But There Is Always Its Legend Floating in The Arena

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Ready, do you? Ohhhhhh ~

Who is the earliest morning inspection robot? Xiao Huangren! Xiao Huangren! Xiao Huangren!

Who is the most lovely in the early generation of the morning inspection robot? Xiao Huangren! Xiao Huangren! Xiao Huangren!

Who is Walchle's most dedicated sales champion? Xiao Huangren! Xiao Huangren! Xiao Huangren!

Oh, children, let us come to Sponge Baby Walikleck Little Huang Morning Inspection Robot's Pineapple House! Below is the conversation of the small yellow people and the world of the world:

- Hey, send big stars, hello!

- Hey, you are a small yellow, you go to the jellyfish?

- Oh, my novel, I can't catch the jellyfish today, and I will organize me to complete a mysterious mission.

--Oh? Xiaoyang, launch, what mysterious mission?

-, secret, you will know tomorrow.

The next day, on the headlines of the most famous newspapers in Seabed Town, the title of the Title was written: Walik Little Huang people in the Macao women's federation. As the morning inspection robot, Xiao Huang people will not give the arduous task of guarding the health of the public. Rapidly screen the signs of signs with sharp eyes, and the Robi's sword quickly responded extremely. Even if the number of people in all parties is huge, Walik Little Huang people still rely on excellent business capabilities. Look, the small yellow people are on a look!

(Staff is explaining the function of small yellow people in detail)

At the Macau Women's Federation, in order to promote the prevention and control of the epidemic, MGM has donated 10 sets of small yellow people in the morning inspection robot. There should be applause here! ! Helping the anti-vlorative problems under the era of epidemic, Walik Little Huang people are fighting.

Finally, Walik Little Huang people triumph pinear house, send big stars, go to the jellyfish together!


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