10kv column intelligent high pressure prepaid integrated vacuum circuit breaker ZW32-12

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In order to improve the service company's service and management level, our company (Shaanxi Tailai High-voltage Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) developed 10 (6) kV high-pressure prepaid metering control management system, the system consisting of high pressure measuring box, prepaid control The main station software operating system of the box, high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker and supporting protection executive and power management center is composed of main station software operating system.

Shaanxi Taikai High-voltage Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This high-voltage prepaid metering control management system is also another new product that is developed in remote meter measuring box, combined with my country's distribution network, this product is put into use. It will further improve the scientificity of electricity management of power supply sector to ensure the economic benefits of electricity toll power supply sector. Shaanxi Tailai High Pressure Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

This system is centered on the main control station background software operating system, the host system can be connected to the terminal acquisition controller as a workstation, all data and communication network platforms (based on user requirements, available GPRS network communication mode), and collect controllers with embedded Industrial-grade GSM module, the acquisition controller automatically reads the local electric meter data, and monitors the user's electricity state, via the GSM network to communicate with the main station background, according to the user's load, power payment, by control output interface The electric execution interface connection with the supporting switch, perform the corresponding operation according to the set parameters or master command

Technical indicators:

Applicable mobile 50Hz: 6-10kV three-phase power system to do prepaid telemetry remote control high voltage metering or load control action, this machine is composed of two parts: the host and control measuring box, the host consists of high pressure vacuum load switches, dry current transformers, The voltage transformer combination is composed, and the control power supply provides a separate winding of the voltage transformer without affecting the metering voltage transformer, and the metering high pressure vacuum switch is a permanent magnet mechanism, a mechanical blocking, and the box has a significant separation indication. Current transformers can change, voltage transformers V / V wiring, control measuring box, and constricted switches, switch indicators, arrears alarms.

The main function:

1. The sales system has 485 ports and can be connected to the microcomputer. There is a radio user card storage electrical information.

2, pre-receiving electricity bill: power supply after collecting electricity charges.

3, electric energy meter: with high pressure measuring box, do not change the original metering accuracy.

4, show: Purchase electricity, existence, and electricity indicators such as each purchase power.

5, the alarm: When purchasing power is used to specify the electric quantity, the sound or light alarm, remind the user to purchase electricity in advance, reaching the enterprise constantly electricity, does not affect the purpose of production.

6. Monitoring: Use power to purchase and automatically cut off user power.

7. Data maintenance: The internal power supply system memory data remains not lost.

8. Purchase power card has read and write and identification.

9, anti-stealing: electric meter positive, reverse count.

10, meter reading: User use monitoring tracking.

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